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Petit Chat's Dolphin Swimsuit

Petit Chat has one more swimsuit for this summer and it is a 1 piece swimsuit that comes in many colors and sizes.  Kitty loves Petit Chat's size, because there is always a smaller one that fits her. Let's see Kitty's day at the beach with these outfit.

The Blue version goes pretty well with the ocean. Don't you think so? Kitty has a great idea. Let's play hide and seek!

If you want all the attention, then Orange would be your choice. It really stands out in the crowd!

Peach is actually so attractive that even the Orca came up to the surface to watch Kitty wears it!

Pink on a cute Kitty would never go wrong! Not just on the beach, even in the sky! 

If a darker color is your thing, then Purple would be the great choice. It is even better on fair skin like Kitty!

There is a small Dolphin logo on the swimsuit that is why it is called so. This time the outfit is really cheap at $80L!

Grab your very own from Petit Chat:

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