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Fantasy Gacha Carnival

There are lots to buy if you have a big pocket at all there. At the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Kitty decided to be a Valkyria for once. This is the store she had picked to get her outfit from.

As you can see the original size may need some blacksmith's touch for Kitty, but the Luas Valkiria Red Armor paired with the Silver (Rare, yeah) Top and Skirt give Kitty just the amount of wildness and roughness she required for a Viking. 

The outfit is really great, especially on site where Kitty found this nice river and waterfall for the background.

In fact, it may well be so good that Kitty decided not to take it off during her bath. Well, you never know, maybe this is how the Vikings would had done it too. IF they actually takes a bath... hehe

Oh there, what a huge moose. Do not worry, Kitty the Valkyria only collect the dead. She does not hunt the living. Yet.

So, stop asking question like how much it cost (actually its only 2x%L$50) and move your butt to the Gacha event. You might even see Kitty herself there and her fleet of Vikings (on the ship below).

Visit the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, but be patient, as there is a sim limit. 

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