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2014 H.P. Lovecraft Festival

Maybe you have not heard of H.P. Lovecraft, but if you have, maybe you would know it was his birthday and this year, there also held a festival in his honor. Lovecraft was a fantastic writer who did many horror and sci-fi and his Cthulu stories had inspired many modern games and fictions.

Find out more about H.P. Lovecraft:

Anyway, What is Kitty up to this time? Its none other than the 2014 H.P. Lovecraft Festival! Let's see what Kitty found  there!

Very first of all, good news to Slink users! There are sets of really cheap fatpacks of nails at about $99L each being sold here at the festival. Yes, Kitty finally got her Slink shoes...

And behold, this is what is really meant by a graveyard sales!

Happy Birthday Lovecraft! And do you know that there is a secret hunt here which you can get this for free?

And which girl do not want to be the center of attention. With these dazzling lights from the hunt, Kitty will always get some attention, when you wants it!

The festival is not all about the hunt though. There are lots of fun. And it is a really unique experience to ride on a spider crab carousal. 

How about an evil muffin before we go for the rides?

Kitty also sells cookies and cakes as a part time job there... Oh and be care of him... Kitty don't think he is too friendly...

Rides range from a inter dimension coaster...

To giant octopus swings...

It is just amazing to see all the creatures from the other sides of Lovecraft's stories come alive... No?

Feel free to grab some nice art works to decorate your house too!

And visit haunted house like this behind me... Even in bright daylight it seems pretty gloomy...

Finally, don't forget the giant wheel held up by tentacles. Yes, Kitty is a big fan of Takoyaki (Japanese Fried Octopus) too... 

While you are here, you might be lucky enough to get your fortune told my Kitty too...

There are just so many rides that I lose count...

And don't forget to grab your FREE squidgey here! 13 designed with 4 rare to collect...

Kitty had seen many creatures, but not many are so strange and dangerous like this one...

And stop by at the birthday party of this great guy who made all this possible. 

Kitty felt like she is being watched by... something...

Always having fun at the circus...

Kitty learned to juggle too, but not as good as those professionals...

There is just too much to see... Kitty need to take a nap before going home...

Visit the H.P. Lovecraft Festival 2014:


Starships and Aliens

Aren't you fascinated by the ideas of Starships and Aliens? Kitty had always look up the sky and wonder... "When is that Star Destroyer going to blow up our moon?" LOL

Anyway, this is a short hunt, made even shorter by quite a few shops that had gone missing and non-workable prizes. In fact, you can skip the first 2 and start at number 3.

LMs and Hints:


The Free Dove: Baby Monkey Hunt

And this August, we have yet another hunt for shoes! And this time its all slink shoes! But too bad its bad news for Kitty because she had not adopted slink yet. But nevertheless, it is still fun searching for the dove cubes. You should easily locate all 8 of them at $0L each!

Happy Feet Hunting!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

There are lots to buy if you have a big pocket at all there. At the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Kitty decided to be a Valkyria for once. This is the store she had picked to get her outfit from.

As you can see the original size may need some blacksmith's touch for Kitty, but the Luas Valkiria Red Armor paired with the Silver (Rare, yeah) Top and Skirt give Kitty just the amount of wildness and roughness she required for a Viking. 

The outfit is really great, especially on site where Kitty found this nice river and waterfall for the background.

In fact, it may well be so good that Kitty decided not to take it off during her bath. Well, you never know, maybe this is how the Vikings would had done it too. IF they actually takes a bath... hehe

Oh there, what a huge moose. Do not worry, Kitty the Valkyria only collect the dead. She does not hunt the living. Yet.

So, stop asking question like how much it cost (actually its only 2x%L$50) and move your butt to the Gacha event. You might even see Kitty herself there and her fleet of Vikings (on the ship below).

Visit the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, but be patient, as there is a sim limit. 

TSG Sinner's Sloth Hunt

This is one of the better hunt around and it is a really simple and fun hunt. Because I had been delaying so much in blogging this, I figure its better I get this up soon before other hunts and events come rushing in.

Hints and LMs:

Start here:


Ice Sundae Hunt

This is a small hunt with 11 items (but Kitty failed to find #7 and #10.. :(). However, this hunt require you to join their free group.

As the hunt is ending soon, I would  encourage you to go immediately once you see this.

Start looking for those Sundae at:

Petit Chat's Dolphin Swimsuit

Petit Chat has one more swimsuit for this summer and it is a 1 piece swimsuit that comes in many colors and sizes.  Kitty loves Petit Chat's size, because there is always a smaller one that fits her. Let's see Kitty's day at the beach with these outfit.

The Blue version goes pretty well with the ocean. Don't you think so? Kitty has a great idea. Let's play hide and seek!

If you want all the attention, then Orange would be your choice. It really stands out in the crowd!

Peach is actually so attractive that even the Orca came up to the surface to watch Kitty wears it!

Pink on a cute Kitty would never go wrong! Not just on the beach, even in the sky! 

If a darker color is your thing, then Purple would be the great choice. It is even better on fair skin like Kitty!

There is a small Dolphin logo on the swimsuit that is why it is called so. This time the outfit is really cheap at $80L!

Grab your very own from Petit Chat:

Bare Rose Simple Treasure Hunt 2014

Once again, Bare Rose is holding Simple Treasure Hunt. This time they are giving away a simple Hulu outfit for men/women and comes in all sizes from baby to titans.

Its good for anyday at the beach! Why not say Aloha with Kitty and grab yours before it ends in a couple of hours!

Grab the notecard and TP to which size/sex you prefer. Any one of the package is fully self-contained. But of course, if you want, you can grab all of it!

Steamhaven Grand Opening Hunt

Steamhaven is opened and to celebrate the Grand Opening, they are hosting a great hunt with 30 items. The hunt consists of 15 barrel from {Eclectic Muse} and 15 from Steaming Ahead. However, this is a paid hunt of $1L each, so prepare $30L if you are game for this.

There are lots of items ranging from atomizers, boots to camp fires. As most of them require quite some prims and is more suitable for outdoor usage, I would skip the presentation of these items. Go check it out if you are interested!

Start your hunt here:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.