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Petit Chat's Beach Pearl

Petit Chat had released once again another great beach outfit! It is called Beach Pearl. As usual, it comes with 5 different color and Kitty seems to fit in well in all of them!

The Pearl Poppies is a white casual outfit with lots of red poppies. Great for fan for flowers and Poppies.

The Strippes is a brownish outfit with lines and stars on it. You have no idea how well this suit the time of the day to let your hair down and just relax enjoying the sea breeze while playing with my Guitar.

The pink is a nice mix of greenies dot on a red outfit. And it resembles the spot of a leopard too. Kitty love it for this reason.

The Orange is well, orange. Fruity Orange. Just wearing it had made Kitty feel so refreshing and she is so bright in the spotlight that she is sure there was a few guys checking her out while she enjoy the cool water.

Last but not least, there is the cute Green. Like the rest, it feel comfortable and casual. In fact, Kitty is just about to sit down and watch the sunset in it.

Well, Kitty is always curious and full of mischief. Mix and match is always her game, especially when the pieces goes well with each other. Here is one Kitty did with Orange and Pink. And guess what? Kitty got a free drink from the bar!

Kitty tried another with Poppies and Strippes. In fact is is so good that she is having a second thought about the bath. Maybe she would keep it on until she gets home.

Grab the Beach Pearl from Petit Chat here:

And feel free to visit the official blog here too:

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