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Petit Chat's Beach Pearl

Petit Chat had released once again another great beach outfit! It is called Beach Pearl. As usual, it comes with 5 different color and Kitty seems to fit in well in all of them!

The Pearl Poppies is a white casual outfit with lots of red poppies. Great for fan for flowers and Poppies.

The Strippes is a brownish outfit with lines and stars on it. You have no idea how well this suit the time of the day to let your hair down and just relax enjoying the sea breeze while playing with my Guitar.

The pink is a nice mix of greenies dot on a red outfit. And it resembles the spot of a leopard too. Kitty love it for this reason.

The Orange is well, orange. Fruity Orange. Just wearing it had made Kitty feel so refreshing and she is so bright in the spotlight that she is sure there was a few guys checking her out while she enjoy the cool water.

Last but not least, there is the cute Green. Like the rest, it feel comfortable and casual. In fact, Kitty is just about to sit down and watch the sunset in it.

Well, Kitty is always curious and full of mischief. Mix and match is always her game, especially when the pieces goes well with each other. Here is one Kitty did with Orange and Pink. And guess what? Kitty got a free drink from the bar!

Kitty tried another with Poppies and Strippes. In fact is is so good that she is having a second thought about the bath. Maybe she would keep it on until she gets home.

Grab the Beach Pearl from Petit Chat here:

And feel free to visit the official blog here too:


Formanails Underwater Hunt

Kitty had done it again. LAST MINUTE. Another hunt. And this time it is an underwater hunt. Kitty hates water right? NO.

Anyway, this hunt is using the random system where the items are randomly placed and you need to find them. There are 6 Starfish which are easy to find, except the white one because its is kind of transparent. Then Kitty need to find 4 color magic vase which then each vase would allow Kitty to answer one riddle (matching color) from the Octopus Oracle. All the answers are about the cost of item sold by Formanails. They are not hard, except the one that asked about the FIFA World Cup which is over and the items had been removed. Anyway, to be fair to those who missed it, the answer is 199. But Kitty being a clever girl, figured it out herself. (Or it was more of a lucky guess)

So what are the prizes? Well, since this is the LAST Minute, let's just quickly use the official photos!

Well, don't just stand there. If Kitty can do it, so can you!

Official Instructions:

Start now! You have less than 24 Hours left!


Hairfair’s Coming Celebration Hunt

You don't get hunts that are for hair often and here is another one here. And there are lots of hair, 9 of them in fact, including a fat pack. However, the trick is this, this hunt is not like other hunts. You will need to find these 9 colored stars in the shop which appears randomly. At first, you may find lots of repeating ones, but eventually you will get all 9 of them.

Let Kitty show you what the hair looks like, even though she do not like to mess around with her hair in general.

Almost every of these hairs come in more than 1 color and it is up to you to guess which is the FAT pack now. :)

Enjoy your hunt for hair here:

Summer Hunt On Creations Park

This is a very special hunt in more than 1 special way. Why? Because this sim, Creation Park, was created with a very good cause in mind. Remember to read the notecard you get when you arrive and you will know what I mean. There is quite a touching story behind it. But Kitty wants you to go find out yourself, so move your legs and get some sun out there!

But in any case, this hunt is really a giveaway. Because there is even arrows to guide you from gift to gift, you simply could not go wrong and miss the gifts! There gifts themselves are really beautiful and you got to see this to believe it!

Don't mistake this for the set for Transformers. All these are really expensive cars and they  do not transforms!

Once in a while, how about a teddy bear for the hugging?

There are 2 gowns in the hunt too and both looks great.

Of course, that's not all. There are many others including flowers, furniture, candles, cushions and even a campfire. But do not forget to explore Creations Park too as there are lots to often. See the video below!

See the video:

Start you hunt here:


Petit Chat's Circe Bikinis

Petit Chat is one of Kitty's favorite and this time, we are all looking forward to a suite of bikinis releases in not 1 or 3, but 5 colors!

Kitty sure looks super sexy in the Pink Circe Bikini!

Even the peacock is interested in Kitty in Red Circe!

The Orange Circe is fun and fiery. Even the flames look good around Kitty... Or was it suppose the other way round... Hahaha

Circe Green is environment friendly and the pokies dots are simply cute and fun. 

For a more mature and seductive feel, make sure you try out the Blue Circe like Kitty. Even without Lolas and Alpha, Kitty had already made a few beach boy trip and fall over...

Of course if you want to be different like Kitty, always try to mix and match. Not sure if Trinity would actually approve, but Kitty tried out the Orange and Green Dots during her meditation session at the beach.

Green is not the only way to mix. Kitty tried out Red with Pink too and the effect is awesome according to the few guys at the beach anyway... Kitty is sure they meant the bikini and not Kitty herself. Meow. ^_^

So, hold your breath and check out the Circe Bikinis at Petit Chat:

Batteries is NOT required and NOT included, obviously. :)

Kitty is Wonder Woman

Kitty is heading down to fight crime in the city of Gotham and looking good while doing it. This time she is none other than Wonder Woman!

Kitty always makes a good entrance. Especially when there is a chopper overhead!

Always good to be on the look out for crime and baddies. Well, maybe just not on top of a bus...

Too bad it was kind of quiet when Kitty arrived. Seems like all the crime had been taken care by Batman or The Huntress...

Well, time to get back home. Even Wonder Woman needs to prepare dinner!

With all the fun, did you realized that the pictures were taken by 2 different Wonder Woman outfit? Can you spot them? Let Kitty know which one you love more!


Medieval Fantasy Hunt 12 - Spirits of Nature

Medieval Fantasy Hunt had always been one of my favorites and it is no surprise that I had completed this as soon as it was launched. However this time round. there are lots of store which were broken, so I strongly urges all hunters to refer to the website instead of the notecard or LMs in the prizes.

Here is the official link to the LMs:

Kitty found that #33 abd #61 is broken in addition to those on the webpage above.

Start your hunt here:

Until Kitty release her prizes' pictures, here is what the official webpages had released:


Over the Hills and Far Away ~ Nightwish

Over the Hills and Far Away ~ Nightwish

They came for him one winter's night.
Arrested, he was bound.
They said there'd been a robbery,
his pistol had been found.
They marched him to the station house,
he waited till the dawn.
And as they led him to the dock,
he knew that he'd been wronged.
"You stand accused of robbery,"
he heard the bailiff say.
He knew without an alibi,
tomorrow's light would mourn his freedom.
Over the hills and far away,
for ten long years he'll count the days.
Over the mountains and the seas,
a prisoner's life for him there'll be.
He knew that it would cost him dear,
but yet he dare not say.
Just where he'd been that fateful night,
a secret it must stay.
He had to fight back tears of rage.
His heart beat like a drum.
For with the wife of his best friend,
he spent his final night of freedom.
Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day.
Far from the mountains and the seas,
back in her arms again he'll be.
Over the hills and far away.
Over the hills and,
over the hills and,
over the hills and far away.
Each night within his prison cell,
he looks out through the bars.
He reads the letters that she wrote.
One day he'll know the taste of freedom.
Over the hills and far away,
she prays he will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the seas,
back in his arms again she'll be.
Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day.
As sure as the river reach the seas,
back in his arms is where she'll be.
Over the hills and far away,
she prays he will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the sea,
back in her arms is where he'll be.
Over the hills,
over the hills and far away.
Over the hills,
over the hills and far away.


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.