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Urban Assault Hunt

Honestly, Kitty was attracted to this hunt because of the name. This was a really short hunt and actually, just a past time.

At the first shop, you will probably be able to find one of the gifts and you really have to find this first gift in order to get a notecard inside to th other stops. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, some of the stores in the stops are only given marketplace links and this is of course not very helpful in the hunt. Kitty simply did not have the patience to hunt down the stores, so those were skipped. In addition, some of the store either did not have the gift or are barely surviving, so it is also a sign that these can be skipped.

All in all, Kitty only gotten about 7 of the gifts and I think you can forgive Kitty for not showcasing any in this case. But if you want to just complete 1 more hunt, there is no harm doing this one for free anyway.

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