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Change of Domain Name

This blog has moved from


as of now. I hope nobody lost connection or bookmark. If you have added this blog to your favorite, you might problem need to update it now.

In any case, Kitty look forward to share more of her adventures with you in the coming years!


Nature meets Technology Hunt

Kitty just finished another rather special hunt today. Natural meets Technology hunt is a short hunt with 16 stops and feature prizes from plant buckets to waterfalls and unique hat. There is however a few outfit which Kitty will show you right now.

There is this cool magenta outfit which looks like the perfect outfit for a hazy and polluted environment. Well, at least Kitty would be able to do some sun tanning in the post apocalypse.

There is also a casual flowery outfit for also anything non formal and it is a really nice fitting for Kitty. Great for the chilling weather strolls in the garden.

And there is a greenish outfit too. Can you stop looking at the owl and instead look at the outfit please. :)

Start the hunt at:

Dollypop Cupcake Carnival

This is a rather unique hunt as in there is 2 hunts integrated into 1! So, listen up carefully. You will need to grab the Cupcake Hunt HUD and start looking for the cupcakes in all the 16 stores! There is 100% that you need ALL the cupcakes, so no skipping or you will not go on to part 2 of the hunt.

After getting all your 16 prizes and cupcakes, go back to the start of the hunt and grab the Sucker Tag HUD this time. Now you will need to find one of these poles.

Actually you need to find 9 of them IN ORDER. The first one should be right outside the starting point. You will go on clicking on others, which it will tell you it is correct or not, until you find or 9 or hit one of them which will cause you to reset. There are 3 of these "bad" poles and in rage, Kitty tears them down so that they do not misguide others (by derendering them :P). When you find all 9 of them in order, you will receive the final gift.

Are they nice? The Suckers and the Candles behind Kitty?

Along the way, you will see many "tasty" furnitures in this sim, like a syrup river, ice cream houses and milk fountains.

Kitty should keep all the bags, ears and other surprises a secret while you figure it out! Do not hesitate as the hunt will end soon!

Start the hunt here:

Urban Assault Hunt

Honestly, Kitty was attracted to this hunt because of the name. This was a really short hunt and actually, just a past time.

At the first shop, you will probably be able to find one of the gifts and you really have to find this first gift in order to get a notecard inside to th other stops. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, some of the stores in the stops are only given marketplace links and this is of course not very helpful in the hunt. Kitty simply did not have the patience to hunt down the stores, so those were skipped. In addition, some of the store either did not have the gift or are barely surviving, so it is also a sign that these can be skipped.

All in all, Kitty only gotten about 7 of the gifts and I think you can forgive Kitty for not showcasing any in this case. But if you want to just complete 1 more hunt, there is no harm doing this one for free anyway.

Start here:


The Green Mire

Madpea's Mad City is no more as most of you know. But they have just started a new place with a store which sells some of the previous hunt items.

But deep in this swamp lies a mystery... 2 boys where lost in them and not seen again... But why?

See the notice board and you will believe Kitty. Does Kitty dare venture into the swamp and find those kids? Well, there is a saying Curiosity Kills the Kitty...

Since I am not allow to publish direct hints or what, according to Madpea., I would give you a series of picture and I hope it says more than 1000s of words. But maybe for a first hint would be you need to check out this place...

Then you need to look for something etc... And here goes...

Start your hunt here:

Read more on the official Madpea blog:

Beached Bunny Hunt 4

There is yet another hunt for the Evil Bunny in The Beached Bunny Hunt 4. You will be looking for a pail this time and as usual, this will bring you all over the grid in 50 over locations. Kitty had completed the hunt and is pleased to report that all locations are working 100%.

Kitty will try to find time to unpack and show you some of the prizes, but meanwhile, don't let that stop you from hunting yourself!

Hints and LMs (You will need to open or bookmark this page at least!)

Start at:


Silk Road Hunt 5

Kitty had jut completed a new hunt from Historical Hunts. Its none other than Silk Road Hunt 5!
I remembered Kitty got a horse in the one the previous hunt and she is still loving it. Hopefully the prizes are more fantastic this time!

Anyway, Kitty still have lots to unpack, but she won't want to hold you back from the hunt! Just remember to take note because #87 was not working for Kitty then.

Prizes and more on the official blog:

LMs :

Start now at:


Petit Chat's Circus Dress

Petit Chat's Circus was probably inspired by a place I know. At least I think. It is a red fiery dress with the texture of a carousel.

It is a perfect dress for Kitty and its great standing sitting or even lying around (as usual there is a matching panty!). With a little bit of blue, actually Kitty almost looks "Wonder Woman"-ish, don't you think?

But the ultimate test is to see how this fiery dress match at the circus itself! So Kitty made her way to the circus to see how it looks!

Perfectly right? Well, if Kitty is going to perform in a circus, this would be her dress! Oh yes, you did notice the mask right? It does comes with the outfit.

Grab your at Petit Chat (When it is out!) :

Petit Chat's Like a Dream Dress

Petit Chat is releasing, or is going to at least, a really dreamy dress call "Like a Dream" and it has a really beautiful bluish texture. Let you in a secret, actually its a nice painting! Kitty is practically wearing a painting in this dress. :) See this for prove:

Opps I had let the Kitty out of the bag and revealed the price. But Look at how Kitty looks in this dress. Its great for standing and sitting and even having a cup of coffee. Yes, it is pretty sexy I know. Aren't I? Meow ^_^

But you know what? You are not just paying for this dress. Notice the choker, bangle and earing on the right side of the poster! Yes, you will be getting those cute pink lady birds as well! See how nice they are.

Let's see those earrings close up!

And not just the earrings are of lady birds! So is the bangle.

Well, I guess you do not need to guess the Choker is also pinkish cute with lady bird too!

Thanks again to Trinity for letting me try out this outfit before the launch!

Wanna visit this beautiful garden? Its actually right in front of Petit Chat's store here:


Oceania Maya Bird Octopus Plushie

There is a new plushie free from Oceania and this time it's a Maya Bird Octopus! Kitty had gotten hers, have you?

Grab it before 4th June!

Resident Evil Hunt Outfits

Well, Kitty promise you more pictures from the Resident Evil Hunt and here there are! We have outfits from the movies and some random Umbrella franchise thrown in. Hope you like these shots at Chao City!

Wonderland Maze & Artifact Hunt

We have yet another maze and hunt from Botanica and this time it is still Alice's theme!
There are plenty of items to be found, total of 9 and the grand prize of course.

The hunt jut started, so go down to Botanic and get yours now!


Resident Evil Hunt

Kitty just completed one more hunt this May before it finally closes. And it is a hunt based on the Resident Evil game or movie. Yes, Kitty also knows it is called Biohazard in some countries.

Anyway, due to the last minute decision to complete this hunt, Kitty had to miss 2 items because it had been removed.

Kitty would like to showcase some of the outfit soon, but if you want to see how they look like, see this post from the organizer:

P.S. Kitty is wearing one of the prizes here, Meow.


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.