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{WHERE is the CHERRY?} Hunt

To celebrate the re-opening of their sim, Cubic Cherry Kreation is holding a hunt where there is 22 cute little squarish cherry to be found! The sim is a beautiful place and there are lots of shops and great stuff to be found and bought.

If you cannot afford a big Christmas tree right in your home, fear not, you can always enjoy the one here.

Seems like this cherry is guarded, I will have to cat walk there slowly...

Kitty get to mix around with her favorite friends here too, but do grab some warm clothes as it is snowy all around.

So let's take a look at some of the prizes from the 22 cherries.

How about a nice yellow dress with a pair of black boots with a cute cherry necklace for the Xmas party? All are prizes from this hunt!

Or if you happen to have a strange sense of humor for fashion like Kitty, try out a cute pinkish T-shirt with a long dress in red and yellow to really catch some attention (be it good or bad).

Or how about something green for the winter such as this Clover outfit? Feels like its for another holiday, don't you?

Nothing beats a cute teddy bear hair clip and a pair of cane earrings for the Xmas! And a sexy out with cute kitties all over will definitely make my day!

Start your hunt here:

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