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Scam Alert

There had been recently many emails flooding my mailbox about cheap $L. The above illustrate one of them. The only difference is usually the random name account being used. I suppose they had a good reason to keep changing account in order to avoid spam filters and perhaps even ban from Linden Labs.

So, just how true are these $L? From experiences of friends and hearsay, I would say NEVER buy from anyone else other than Linden themselves. Why? Because it is just like changing money in the small dark alley when you are traveling oversea. Not only are you exposing yourself to danger of getting your account hacked, you are also at the risk of paying REAL money for FAKE or ILL-GOTTEN virtual money, which Linden will not hesitate to reverse and ban accounts involved.

Let's talk about getting your account hacked. It is a long shot, but you never know since pussycat seems to be my favorite password and when creating an account on the website, I might "accidentally" use the same password. Now, that is how my account could get hacked. Or they might even send you some information about passing the $L to you which required more than enough information to activate a reset of password, which they might be able to take over your avatar. Now, isn't that really scary?

And how can $L be fake when they actually DID transfer the money into your avatar's account? Well, it all depends on how they had gotten the money. Credit card fraud is a common way to do it. For one, some of these sites will tell you to spend ALL the money ASAP so that after purchase they cannot reverse the transaction so easily. But that won't stop them from banning your account either. Otherwise, they could easily recover the money be deducting it from your account and in the end, who loses? Yes, YOU.

In a way, it was really sad that Linden did not do more to help in these frauds and I see it happen days after days. Given the fact that these website still exist, I would dare to say that not everyone had learn their lessons. But trust me, it is better to hear from me then to lose your precious pocket money for this!


Pay safe and play safe, my friends.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.