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The SpooksVille Hunt

Here is a simple hunt to help a poor skeleton relocate all his parts with a free HUD and you can get 15 prizes in total including the grand prize along the way.

If you do not already have one, its a good time to grab your Ouija Board!

There is always a good reason to keep a Guillotine around in your house. Witch? What witch? The next person who say anything about witches ... "Off with her head!"

If the Guillotine doesn't do it, you are always welcome to Kitty's Bone Crusher. Yes. Kitty thinks its a pretty sight too, just that maybe a little more blood will make it looks much better.

After all the screaming and crushing, there is always a time to clean up and disposing the corpses is one thing Kitty doesn't like to do. Luckily, Kitty can always count on Kissy to do it. And please drain the blood too along the way...

You were saying something about my tree?

It's time to crush some pumpkins! And I suggest that you move away from the bottom of the cart... :)

Last but not least is the grand prize which is a nice motorbike made from bones!

Kitty skipped some of the prizes because they are huge and well, there is also one adult prize as well... But that's all for you to find out for yourself.

Start the hunt at:

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