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Botanica’s Corn Maze Hunt

Botanica is running yet another maze hunt with lots of trap to kill you over and over again. Don't believe me, see for yourself!

To be honest, Kitty looks good as the scarecrow. Just maybe not too good at scaring crows though.

The crypt trap with Guillotine is a close cut. Its great that Kitty is small sized.

This is definitely not like what happened in Spiderman. (Swinging broom madly!) Get off me you eight legged freak!

And after the hunt, you will get a chance to go claim your prize. You might get to choose between prize 1-4, but there isn't a prize 4 and Kitty had tested it, resulting in her losing the prize. And do not press cancel either, because you will lose the prize too. Luckily the owner had replace the prize for Kitty kindly and this is what she got instead. Isn't the beat so cute!

Official webpage:

Start the corn maze at:

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