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Kitty Goes Ahoy Pirateer - Pirate from Vips Creations

Kitty happened to buy a Pirate outfit from the Autumn Market Fair in the previous post:

And she can't wait to try it on!

If you are going to rob the sea, at least rob it with style like Kitty!

The outfit comes in a dashing red vs white top which is sure to take all the attentions from the fellow pirates. Well, it is probably not a good idea in a cannon fight, but other pirates knows better than to mess around with Kitty!

If you are not convinced by the Kitty sexy seduction, then its time for the knife! Kitty always get her way, one method or the other.

Haven't seen a pirate with a good lipsticks? That's because you haven't seen enough. The red and black combination always works for Kitty.

Well, if you look hard enough, you will see the little sword pendant on Kitty's chest, but be warn if you stare too hard, you might need an eye patch after that!

OK, here is a close up of Kitty in her sexy Pirate outfit. Take a photo, it will last forever!

Really to sail with Kitty now? It better be a yes, because Captain Kitty Sparrow doesn't have a habit of leaving her (living) crew behind.

This outfit is sold at the fair at $199L, which is $1L off the marketplace. OK, joke aside, it's for a good cause and that is what counts. The owner had told Kitty that she had even put this as 100% to the donation, so the whole purchase goes into helping poor homeless animals get the help they need. 

If you love pirate, join Kitty and grab this beautiful outfit (which is also Lola Tango compatible, although Kitty has never been a big fan of it), or find other interesting item at the fair

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