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VoguE 5th Anniversary Hunt

Vogue is organizing a on sim hunt for their Anniversary , with 5 fantastic gift as shown in the very poster above. Kitty had gotten them all and Kitty think you should too. But hurry, its going to end soon in 30th Sep!

Find those gift at:


September Supernatural Hunt at Rag Dollz

This is a short hunt, but it doesn't mean the prizes are not worth the effort. Rag Dollz is famous for many things and their gothic style items are unique and well made. This hunt will run around the sim with only 7 stops. These are the prizes in the hunt:

Tempted? Its FREE! Go for it at:

Kitty Goes Ahoy Pirateer - Pirate from Vips Creations

Kitty happened to buy a Pirate outfit from the Autumn Market Fair in the previous post:

And she can't wait to try it on!

If you are going to rob the sea, at least rob it with style like Kitty!

The outfit comes in a dashing red vs white top which is sure to take all the attentions from the fellow pirates. Well, it is probably not a good idea in a cannon fight, but other pirates knows better than to mess around with Kitty!

If you are not convinced by the Kitty sexy seduction, then its time for the knife! Kitty always get her way, one method or the other.

Haven't seen a pirate with a good lipsticks? That's because you haven't seen enough. The red and black combination always works for Kitty.

Well, if you look hard enough, you will see the little sword pendant on Kitty's chest, but be warn if you stare too hard, you might need an eye patch after that!

OK, here is a close up of Kitty in her sexy Pirate outfit. Take a photo, it will last forever!

Really to sail with Kitty now? It better be a yes, because Captain Kitty Sparrow doesn't have a habit of leaving her (living) crew behind.

This outfit is sold at the fair at $199L, which is $1L off the marketplace. OK, joke aside, it's for a good cause and that is what counts. The owner had told Kitty that she had even put this as 100% to the donation, so the whole purchase goes into helping poor homeless animals get the help they need. 

If you love pirate, join Kitty and grab this beautiful outfit (which is also Lola Tango compatible, although Kitty has never been a big fan of it), or find other interesting item at the fair


Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt

Kitty did not really complete this whole hunt, but rather just a portion of it. What is fantastic is that you can see the prizes before you go find them on the webpage. This hunt is not free and each item cost $5L, but its fair that at least you have a good look before you commit to finding the item.

See the prizes and LMs:

Autumn Market Fair - Fundraiser

This is not one of those so-cheap-you-must-buy fair I usually talk about, but instead, it's for a good cause to help homeless animals Here is the background:

"Unfortunately, every year hundreds of pets are abandoned. Some are lucky and they are abandoned in SPCA, many other no, they dead alone hit by cars, beaten or just hungry… His hope is that a good person will take pity on them and pick them up to lead to a SPCA.

I do collaborate with a SPCA where I live: SCPA of Navarra. Is not a governmental entity (private non-profite organization). They fight for more than 30 years, for dignity, respect and responsibility of people towards pets with whom they live. They are volunteers & get help from more volunteers (animal shelter, donations,…).

In the last months we had lot of rain and they lost the chance to move to a parcel because they often have flood hazard. Now they are in a small shed without playground zone for animals & they urgent need a good parcel to improve our animals conditions.

Due my RL situation I can’t do a big donation, but definetly I’d like to do a little more to help them and thought with my hobby/work here I can go a step forward and do it useful not only for me. And would like to ask for your help. 1 person can’t do much… but together we already have done incredible things here in Second Life."

There are about 50 stores each selling their own items and pledging part of the earnings to help save those poor creatures. Fortunately there are lots of people with love in their hearts and so far $37307L had been raised excluding Kitty's contribution. :)

Some items contributes more than others, so just check by the different colour paw prints to buy those with more going into donations if you want!

This event will run till Oct 6. Visit the fair at:

Ryukyu Gacha Yard Sale

This is a rather low profile event in the sense that I did not really got a notice, but chance upon this sim which was selling Gacha, but with a tiwst. You get to choose which one to buy! Yes, I am serious, but its a Yard sale, so expect more of those where people had extras and stuff. Its well organized and you get to pick which one you really want, if its available. And its much cheaper than the actually Gacha event!

There are lots of things on sales and even bookshelves!

One of Kitty's favorite is this set of dancing dresses. But Kitty decided that it would look better for her friend Kissy and so naturally she bought her one.

There are lots of other cute stuff for girls too.

There are some shop which sell cheap and nice stuff set up along the Gacha event too.

Although the event is going to end, I thought I will still write about it and hope you do not miss it. While its mainly Japanese Gacha, you might find some surprises there.

Visit the Gacha Yard Sale at:


The Renaissance Hunt 3

Historical Hunts had yet again roll out another hunt - The Renaissance Hunt 3. As usual, its about 100 stops (91 in this one) and contains lots of cool and high quality prizes from many shops all over the grid. Once again, Kitty will skip all the wagons, ponds, lanterns and other jewellery (Well, there are lots of it this time) and show case some of the outfit you can get from this hunt!

Meet Kitty, the Dark Jester. Yes, just step a bit back... a little more... and a little... Kitty will have a good laugh when you fall off the draw bridge.

Kitty the princess is being held hostage by the red dragon and he is demanding that everyone surrender their hunt prizes or she might eat Kitty for breakfast.

During her spare time, Kitty the scribe, works in the Royal Library as a Librarian. Yes, Kitty can be a nerd sometimes too.

The hunt is never complete without a nice medieval dress which is generic enough for any occasion. And here is one nice blue one over the white top.

Rich folks, beware the arrow of Kitty, the highway girl. She will robe you and share all your riches to poor families before you can count to 10.

And just in case if you think there isn't a good spread of colors, here is one nice looking dress with multi layers in a totally seductive purple!

Black is simple and it can really look good. Don't you agree?

And lastly, Kitty is countess is going to show you around the big pink castle behind you. If have have time that is. What? You are going to the Renaissance Hunt 3? Oh, then at least grab the LM from Kitty!

Start your hunt here:

A full list of stores and LMs:

See the big list of prizes:

Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2013

Once again the long awaited Kiyomizu Hunt is on for Autumn 2013 and it will run from now till Oct 6 with a total of 77 prizes as of now. Kitty was not fast on this one, but somehow she managed to catch up and got to the 3rd place! Yeah. It's something that Kitty had never done before and she is so thrilled by it!

There are as usual lots and lots of unique gifts from mostly Japanese creators from tattoos, to furnitures and to outfit and shapes. As usual, it too massive to quickly review in a short time and Kitty is far too curious to go on another hunt. So I will leave you to find out what all the gifts are!

So spot the cube and start hunting! For more help, you can refer to my previous post about Kiyomizu.


Ever An' Angel Fall Overhaul

Ever An' Angel is a rather old brand around in SL. Search though your inventory, and if you have been around long enough, you will at least find a few of their items from hunts or gifts or purchase you made. Kitty had the honor to be invited to the Fall Overhaul and had been given a budget to showcase some of their nice outfits. Well, let's start with... The group gift! Lover's Gown Ch'coal is its name and Black never fail on Kitty, showing her elegant and grace in any sim.

This is Sweet Silk Dress - Teilight. Well, just to prove that it looks great even in board daylight, Kitty decided to wear this to the beach!

The next one is Art Nouveau Tunic Dress Silversmith. This is a series of tunic that comes with different design on the dress itself and Kitty has picked the one named Silversmith here.

For Kitty, Black and Red is the never fail formulae and this is the MESH Unforgetable Single Rose which looks great in every angle!

This is a light hearted dress great for all the tavern dancing and merry making. It is call  Woodlands Gown - Wine, obviously from the colour red of the Wine.

The Fade To Black Gown -Flame is yet another nice outfit in red mixed with black. Not only is it elegant and gentle, it looks great on Kitty and it does wonders especially if you have nice legs like Kitty!

Nouvelle Chemise Earth is a niec silky and comfortable dress which comes in sizes like many of the other dress in Ever An' Angel.

Last but not least, Princeipessa is a wonder black Widow gown which would fit any avatar shape and sizes. Isn't it great on Kitty? Well it can on you too!

Kitty made a small mistake and spend the remaining $300L on an item which she did not complete the purchase for, so with $2700:L, you will get all the above! Isn't that great?

Visit Ever An' Angel:


Rozena 50% Off Fall Sale

Rozena is having yet another 50% off sales from 1st Sep to 15th Sep and it is ending soon! In fact, not only is this a 50% store wide sales (excluding gacha), some of the items are going to be gone forever. Yes, some items are going to be retired after this sales!

Some familiar skins like Laurie and Melina is going to be gone after this....

And yet more skins are going away, is Rozena going to come out with more fantastic content soon?

Beside skins, other items like cutie lips and eyes are being retired as well. Kitty's advice,: Grab them while they are sill available and do it while its 50% off!

Visit Rozena Store :


Fixing a Broken Item

Kitty used to have really nice street lamp with snowy grounds. But an accident happened when she moved house to a new Linden Home and totally forgotten to take the item and as a result got returned to her inventory via the automatic parcel return. And this is how it looks like:

The strange rubric cube icon definitely indicates a problem and Kitty had tried to rez the item again on the new Linden Home, but failed to do so. In fact, she is at the end of her wits and about to pull some fur out.

Then it turns out, somehow scripts are involved too, so Kitty had visited a Sandbox used by builders to make scripts and there she finally manage to rez the item (not properly, but like a box) on the ground. The next part is important. Kitty had to right click and take the item. And all a sudden, the item is return to the inventory, not in the Lost and Found, but as the proper item below.

So, its a quick teleport home and she carefully went outside and rez the item...

Isn't the streetlamp beautiful? Kitty is so happy sitting under it once again. In fact, with the same method, Kitty managed to save her meow meow wind chime from yet another previous home... Well, I guess Kitty will have to talk about that all in another post...


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.