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Under The Sea Expo

Once again, Oceania had organized another sea theme expo named "Under the Sea". AS before there are lots of great prizes as well as fun and interesting vendors to showcase items related to the ocean. Kitty would not miss a great event like this and here is some of the outfit she collected from the sim wide treasure hunt. 

This first one is based on a Evie's Closet's Goldfish. It is a full outfit which you can just snap on and add in a AO and there you are. It even comes with a bubble generator.

The Red Siren guards the entry to the ancient tomb undersea and judging from the spikes on her arms, I do not think anyone would want to mess with her.

It isn't hard to put together a teal outfit from the Merkid Seafoam outfit which gives a nice blueish touch to the sea. In addition, there are matching colors from Beautiful Freak Cosmetics for the face to match most of the outfit you can create from this hunt.

This next one is rather unique and its called "Jeweled Flying Fish" from Zohee Mermaid Designs. Kitty had some other free gifts also added in, including the tattoos, the angler tip on her forehead as well as the awesome trident.

Last but not least is another outfit from Two Moon Paradise named " Tailesin Tails". It is yet another blue looking outfit with a light purple tint on spots. 

Looks like its a great day for Mermaids! What are you waiting for?

Visit the Expo at:

Start your hunt at:

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