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Under the Sea Expo Visit

In a previous post, I mentioned about the Under the Sea Expo going on and showcased some of the prizes, in particular the outfits here:

However, I did this post again because I feel there is a need to talk more about this expo. 

Firstly, the hunt. It is rather unique and you should not expect to be able to do this one in a group because the path of prizes would be different for everyone and will lead through a different combinations of shops to complete the hunt. 

Secondly, in my previous post, I only mentioned outfits, but in truth there are much more prizes as well including some for decorations such as underwater light as well as other furnitures for your house. I had always tend to skip this part because I do not have a proper place and enough prims to host these items.

But there is much more to just hunts and prizes, the expo is put in a beautiful locations under the sea with many other nice stuff put in by the organizers. Lets see some of Kitty's adventure at the Expo.

Swimming with whales? Its something I always wanted to do even in RL. But why not do it in SL right now for free! Kitty is amazed at the size and gracefulness of the huge humpback whale that swam right past her.

On top of one of the store, lies the long sunken Blake Pearl. Kitty always wanted to see if there are really treasures inside sunken ship or for that matter, ghosts!

And you thought you had seen it all, but there is a magical fountain at the expo that actually works under the sea! Isn't that amazing?

Don't forget to claim your free gift from the big Mr Shark here from Oceania.

Isn't the little fellow cute? Its a Merguin and remember its FREE and will not be re-issued again!

Visit the Expo at:

Start your hunt at:

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