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Silk Road IV Hunt

This is the first time I had joined a Silk Road Hunt and honest;y, I had very little expectations and have no idea what the prizes are about. It turns out that not only are the prizes very oriental or Arabic origin, so are the sims that provides them and it certainly had increase my Landmark album during these hunts as many of the sim I had not even heard before, but are simply so fantastic not to miss.

In the 94 stops in this hunt, I had only found 3 - 4, 10 and 17 which are not working and the rest are already reflected on the Hunt LM site. Several sites also features more than 1 prizes or mini hunts up to 10 items, so keep your eyes sharp for the extra goodies.

As you had been I had been trying to put together a Tomoe Gozen Avatar and what I really was missing was a war horse, but there happens to be one in this hunt, not exact a Japanese war horse, but pretty good enough.

In any case, there are more pictures of the prizes on their website as well.


Hunt LMs:

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