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Petit Chat's Thousand Voices

I am going to post yet 1 more outfit tonight from Petit Chat name "Thousand Voices". This is the group gift for June and if you are not a member, there is still time to join and grab this for free!

Its a great pink tank and skirt set for the lazy by-the-coast afternoon tea. Notice that it even comes with a matching arm band in the outfit.

Except the shoes, everything here is pretty much made up by this outfit. There is even a hair bow to brighten up Kitty's hair. Pretty cat in pretty outfit. This is LIFE!

This is a more close up of the outfit and you should be able to see the nice cute tattoos on Kitty's leg and arm. Yes, that comes with it too and in a few combinations.

I am sure if this looks good on Kitty, it would look good on anyone!

Nothing like a great day in Thousand Voices in the sun. Remember you can too! Just go grab it now while it last!

Check out Petit Chat's blog:

Grab this and more at Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

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