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Petit Chat's Berry

Its time for yet another outfit from Petit Chat. This time I am going to try on Berry.

Berry is a trendy outfit with a cute 3 layer skirt as well as a nice lace jacket for the windy days. 

Even without the jacket, its a nice combination for time at party or those simply relax afternoon after a whole day of shopping.

Even with the skirt off, Petit Chat outfit usually comes with a nice matching panty and lucky Kitty was in this outfit and she does't even need to change into a swimsuit or something as she plunges into the waves to play with the Orca. 

This is not a new outfit as it had been out fit a while, so check it out at Petit Chat's store if you are interested.
Look out for this upcoming outfit at Petit Chat's blog:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

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