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Old Europe's Summerfest Market Fair and Starfish Hunt

From June 21st - July 15th, there will be a Summerfest Market Fair as well as a  Starfish Hunt run concurrently at Old Europe. Its a fantastic event to take your mind of long challenging hunts because its all about shopping and looking at stuff selling at the stores. Well, along the way, there will be the Starfish Hunt, but since you cant track this hunt by number or anything like that, it might as well be get as many as you see and there is not completing the hunt or not.

Despite that, it doesn't mean that the prizes are not impressive. In fact you can check it out on the link below. But before that, let' see some of the shot Kitty had taken for us today live from the fair!

As you can see, the street was still quiet quiet because it has just started, so lucky shopping for Kitty!

Fancy playing some Game of Throne RP? Get your chance to buy the Iron Throne instead of chopping heads for it!

Its a relaxing easy stroll down the shopping alley looking at stores after stores, items after items.

When Kitty is tired, she would just sit down at the nest looking chair to relax and to check how much damage is there to her purse. :)

If you prefer a chair instead, you got a chair! Even if you are window shopping, I would still suggest you pop by and experience this summerfest!

See the prizes:

Let's go to the fair:

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