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Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX

Kitty just manage to complete the Medieval Fantasy Hunt today finally after many days of busy nights searching high and low for the coins. There are many furnitures like vase, fireplaces etc in the hunt and as usual I still have prims issue trying to fit things around. So instead, let me show you some of the outfit you can put up from this hunt!

The first is the Elizabeth Gown Red from Shack and it comes with a veil which you can put on or deteach depending on situation. 

Next is the Raven Gown Black from Mystic Sky. What luck since red and black is my favourite. The cape is pretty and I am sure it goes well with other black outfit I already had.

And there is still one more red outfit from Rag Dollz named Muriel. The beauty of the gown is in its simplicity and does that make Kitty looks just like girl next door?

Velcet Whip gave a more exciting and sexy outfit called Agile. It is a perfect outfit to be in when you are sharing your best moment with someone special.

Last but not least is an outfit from PeKaS named Stephania. It is a perfect killer, literally. Kitty looks like the perfect assassin in it,especially when she equipped her LR Crossbow. This looks like the perfect outfit to be in for combat medieval or Gor sim. 

For the first time I had decided to take all the picture in 1 single sim, Never Never Land. I find this a very beautiful sim despite it being a combat RP sim. Well, plus it belongs to an old acquaintance, so its the perfect sim to take the shots for this medieval theme.

Never Never Land is at:

Start the Medieval Fantasy Hunt at:

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