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A Midsummer Night's Dream 4 Hunt

Just completed this really huge hunt with almost 200 stops and well since its at $1L each (some will cost 2 or more because of male and female prizes, but Kitty will just skip the male). And we are not even talking about the Petite path which is totally another ball game on its own.

For a start, this is Kitty's first Midsummer Night's Dream hunt and she has a lot of expectation from this hunt. The website is pretty helpful and saved me more time on non-working stops. The only one that is not working is Stop #99. I should try to leave a comment and notify the owner.

From the look on the prize preview, the prizes looks great and its all one of its kind. I will try to find time to put on some of them for photos.

The LMs are at:

See some prizes here:

Old Europe's Summerfest Market Fair and Starfish Hunt

From June 21st - July 15th, there will be a Summerfest Market Fair as well as a  Starfish Hunt run concurrently at Old Europe. Its a fantastic event to take your mind of long challenging hunts because its all about shopping and looking at stuff selling at the stores. Well, along the way, there will be the Starfish Hunt, but since you cant track this hunt by number or anything like that, it might as well be get as many as you see and there is not completing the hunt or not.

Despite that, it doesn't mean that the prizes are not impressive. In fact you can check it out on the link below. But before that, let' see some of the shot Kitty had taken for us today live from the fair!

As you can see, the street was still quiet quiet because it has just started, so lucky shopping for Kitty!

Fancy playing some Game of Throne RP? Get your chance to buy the Iron Throne instead of chopping heads for it!

Its a relaxing easy stroll down the shopping alley looking at stores after stores, items after items.

When Kitty is tired, she would just sit down at the nest looking chair to relax and to check how much damage is there to her purse. :)

If you prefer a chair instead, you got a chair! Even if you are window shopping, I would still suggest you pop by and experience this summerfest!

See the prizes:

Let's go to the fair:


Summer's Hotter Than Hell Hunt

Well if you think this is another mermaird hunt,  you are wrong. Its just another summer hunt with generic themes. It's not a bad hunt though, with 50 stops and a couple of broken ones. 

During my trip to get all the prizes, I found the following stops not working:

  • Toxic High - No item in prize.
  • Blah Blah Blah - No prize item in store.
  • Lindys - Prize item cannot be purchased.

Other than these, there are a few already included in the hunt list, so just make sure you monitor the list during the hunt. And one or two more hunt spots, there are some tping to be done.

Take a look at some of the prizes here:

And don't forget the hints and LM:


Under the Sea Expo Visit

In a previous post, I mentioned about the Under the Sea Expo going on and showcased some of the prizes, in particular the outfits here:

However, I did this post again because I feel there is a need to talk more about this expo. 

Firstly, the hunt. It is rather unique and you should not expect to be able to do this one in a group because the path of prizes would be different for everyone and will lead through a different combinations of shops to complete the hunt. 

Secondly, in my previous post, I only mentioned outfits, but in truth there are much more prizes as well including some for decorations such as underwater light as well as other furnitures for your house. I had always tend to skip this part because I do not have a proper place and enough prims to host these items.

But there is much more to just hunts and prizes, the expo is put in a beautiful locations under the sea with many other nice stuff put in by the organizers. Lets see some of Kitty's adventure at the Expo.

Swimming with whales? Its something I always wanted to do even in RL. But why not do it in SL right now for free! Kitty is amazed at the size and gracefulness of the huge humpback whale that swam right past her.

On top of one of the store, lies the long sunken Blake Pearl. Kitty always wanted to see if there are really treasures inside sunken ship or for that matter, ghosts!

And you thought you had seen it all, but there is a magical fountain at the expo that actually works under the sea! Isn't that amazing?

Don't forget to claim your free gift from the big Mr Shark here from Oceania.

Isn't the little fellow cute? Its a Merguin and remember its FREE and will not be re-issued again!

Visit the Expo at:

Start your hunt at:

Under The Sea Expo

Once again, Oceania had organized another sea theme expo named "Under the Sea". AS before there are lots of great prizes as well as fun and interesting vendors to showcase items related to the ocean. Kitty would not miss a great event like this and here is some of the outfit she collected from the sim wide treasure hunt. 

This first one is based on a Evie's Closet's Goldfish. It is a full outfit which you can just snap on and add in a AO and there you are. It even comes with a bubble generator.

The Red Siren guards the entry to the ancient tomb undersea and judging from the spikes on her arms, I do not think anyone would want to mess with her.

It isn't hard to put together a teal outfit from the Merkid Seafoam outfit which gives a nice blueish touch to the sea. In addition, there are matching colors from Beautiful Freak Cosmetics for the face to match most of the outfit you can create from this hunt.

This next one is rather unique and its called "Jeweled Flying Fish" from Zohee Mermaid Designs. Kitty had some other free gifts also added in, including the tattoos, the angler tip on her forehead as well as the awesome trident.

Last but not least is another outfit from Two Moon Paradise named " Tailesin Tails". It is yet another blue looking outfit with a light purple tint on spots. 

Looks like its a great day for Mermaids! What are you waiting for?

Visit the Expo at:

Start your hunt at:

Midsummer Myths

This is a 2 days only hunt and consist mainly of textures. If you are a creator, this may come in handy, but for Kitty its more like a windows shopping although she picked up quite a few prizes, but nevertheless she did not complete it because she could not figure out texture anyway.

But for those who are interested, do no hesitate to do this hunt because it is going to end soon!

Start it at:

Petit Chat's Thousand Voices

I am going to post yet 1 more outfit tonight from Petit Chat name "Thousand Voices". This is the group gift for June and if you are not a member, there is still time to join and grab this for free!

Its a great pink tank and skirt set for the lazy by-the-coast afternoon tea. Notice that it even comes with a matching arm band in the outfit.

Except the shoes, everything here is pretty much made up by this outfit. There is even a hair bow to brighten up Kitty's hair. Pretty cat in pretty outfit. This is LIFE!

This is a more close up of the outfit and you should be able to see the nice cute tattoos on Kitty's leg and arm. Yes, that comes with it too and in a few combinations.

I am sure if this looks good on Kitty, it would look good on anyone!

Nothing like a great day in Thousand Voices in the sun. Remember you can too! Just go grab it now while it last!

Check out Petit Chat's blog:

Grab this and more at Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

Petit Chat's Berry

Its time for yet another outfit from Petit Chat. This time I am going to try on Berry.

Berry is a trendy outfit with a cute 3 layer skirt as well as a nice lace jacket for the windy days. 

Even without the jacket, its a nice combination for time at party or those simply relax afternoon after a whole day of shopping.

Even with the skirt off, Petit Chat outfit usually comes with a nice matching panty and lucky Kitty was in this outfit and she does't even need to change into a swimsuit or something as she plunges into the waves to play with the Orca. 

This is not a new outfit as it had been out fit a while, so check it out at Petit Chat's store if you are interested.
Look out for this upcoming outfit at Petit Chat's blog:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX

Kitty just manage to complete the Medieval Fantasy Hunt today finally after many days of busy nights searching high and low for the coins. There are many furnitures like vase, fireplaces etc in the hunt and as usual I still have prims issue trying to fit things around. So instead, let me show you some of the outfit you can put up from this hunt!

The first is the Elizabeth Gown Red from Shack and it comes with a veil which you can put on or deteach depending on situation. 

Next is the Raven Gown Black from Mystic Sky. What luck since red and black is my favourite. The cape is pretty and I am sure it goes well with other black outfit I already had.

And there is still one more red outfit from Rag Dollz named Muriel. The beauty of the gown is in its simplicity and does that make Kitty looks just like girl next door?

Velcet Whip gave a more exciting and sexy outfit called Agile. It is a perfect outfit to be in when you are sharing your best moment with someone special.

Last but not least is an outfit from PeKaS named Stephania. It is a perfect killer, literally. Kitty looks like the perfect assassin in it,especially when she equipped her LR Crossbow. This looks like the perfect outfit to be in for combat medieval or Gor sim. 

For the first time I had decided to take all the picture in 1 single sim, Never Never Land. I find this a very beautiful sim despite it being a combat RP sim. Well, plus it belongs to an old acquaintance, so its the perfect sim to take the shots for this medieval theme.

Never Never Land is at:

Start the Medieval Fantasy Hunt at:


Fun with Photoshop and HDR

I know it does sound silly talking about HDR in SL Firstly because its computer graphics in the first place and we can't expect too much from HDR effect anyway. I had also never make a point to edit any of the photos taken so far, except cropping...

So, for once, let's go crazy and play with Photoshop!
This is my original picture I took yesterday..

And to my surprise, I only applied the simple HDR Toning, since I cannot get a good bracket (will, maybe I could be lowering the gamma etc, but...) and to my surprise, TADA!

Somehow, it seems that HDR concept does apply to SL as well and from the HDR photo, an insane amount of details not normally captured can also be seen here, for example, the grass and horse... Seems like there are potential for SL HDR Photography...


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.