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Toukamon Spring Collection - Kimono of 4 Creators

I just returned from a Kimono Fashion Show plus theater performance at Milk House and all I can say its fantastic and I am so looking forward to some of the new Kimono to be launched.

This is the entrance to the skybox where the show was hosted today and I got a chance to talk to the owner after the show to congratulate her on the successful performance.

The next series of pictures are captured during the live fashion performance and given the condition, I hope you will forgive me if the picture is not up to standard. I need to practice more.

There are a total of 4 creators and basically they will be bring it up in four sections. The above is from one section and the next one is coming right below.

Call me bias, but I like Milky House more mainly because I kinda knew the owner and I had quite some collection of Kimono from them.

I already saw quite some Kimono that I am interested in and I think I will be buying them soon. The next section consist of the theater performance which feature classic Japanese folktales such as Genji Motogari.

And it turn out that I was too busy watching that I totally forgotten to take photos. But its a great performance. Thank you Milky House for hosting such a wonderful even once again!

Miss it? No worry, catch the recording!

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