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The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt

I had just completed The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt. In Japanese, Kawaii means cute and who could say no to cute stuff in sl, even if it cost $1L per item. And believe me, just by the naming, I can already tell some of them are well worth it.

If you are not convinced, you can well check it on the prizes page:

In a previous post, I had show cased the floating particles from Les Sucreies de Fairy:

Now, I am official on the hunt and I had completed it! It says Kawaii Hunt, so be prepared to visit lots of cute places with nice little stuff which can be damaging to your purse. And I mean it! I spend quite a bit on this hunt in some shop because the items are simply too cute to past. 

Here are some interesting places I came across during the hunt:

Just look at how tiny Kitty is compared to... I forgotten what's his name again... :P

Simply too enchanted by the fancy tree and the particles (omg, they are not captured by the camera :( )

An introduction to JingJing, I suppose a Chinese pet. 

And seriously, I thought I am the only person who has this. It turns out that there is a similar one by a different vendor here too. Well I certainly did not have the chocolate and strawberry doughnuts. If you notice the cute Totoro at the corner, well, IT'S FREE!!! I will never forgive you if you miss it when you are at this shop. Oh, I won't tell you which shop, this is part of the hunt right?

Despite so much I love, its a pity that out of 51 locations, 3 of them are not ready either with no gift at all or the gift cannot be purchase. So to save you time, I will list them below. Unfortunately, the official site does not allow comments, or I would share it there so that everyone can just skip if necessary. 

Locations Down :
9. Loordes of London
41. Yay And Stuff
51. Luckie

And lastly, please do not forget all the nice Gotcha, Lucky Chairs and Midnight Madness you see around. Kitty won something on the spot! Yes,  Lucky. 

See the hunt hints at:


  1. This is an awesome blog and I'm glad you shared it with me
    However All the locations are up to date So I don't understand what your are talking about.
    Yes there are a few stores Like Lordes of london that I believe is in the middle of a remodel so their hunt item wouldn't be out...?
    Luckies' Hunt item is out... It honestly look me forever to find it because it's nano sized :3
    As for yay and Stuff.... I've just been waiting on them to update their prim for me.
    All in all If you have any more questions conserning the Hunt you can contact me in world Ari Cheng
    Thanks :3

    1. Thanks. I recently found out from the chats that

      39.Thea Gameing Hub

      is down too... A pity, their prize is really great.

      And updates:

      51. Luckie

      is up. Look closer. :)



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