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The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt Prizes

After completing and trying out some of the outfits, I couldn't hold back my urge to post some of the outfit I pieced together with the various prizes from the hunt.

Wait, thats Pika... Pikapus!

Nothing like a nice dress and the clear stream.

Not everything is childish! You can make it sexy too, its all up to how your dress! Add one of the nice necklace from the hunt and you are a truly breath taking outfit!

Yet another cute Alice outfit for me! You can add the shoulder pet to make it extra Kawaii!

There are semi formal dress too which is great for visiting... Wait, Kitty... Isn't that the graveyard????!!!

Go get some sun with the Panda Bikini! Its a day of the Sea and Sand!

Nothing like a Pink Witch under the nice pink Blossom. Its a pity at the moment of posting this, the sim for this prize seems to be down. But I hope its up, because I know everyone would love to get their hand on this prize!

Talk about colorful. Kitty looks so sophisticated with the colorful outfit.

The hunt is never complete without a PINK outfit. And this is one really cute one!

Kitty is a big fan of BLACK too and this is one fun Black outfir. 

And to top it all, there are quite a few Pyjamas in the hunt and here is one cute one with a big cutie face.  And Kitty just could bear to take off the pretty bow on her hair even when going to sleep. Its from Luckie which was listed as unavailable in the previous post. Kitty love to sleep in this!

See the hunt hints at:

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