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Kitty the Samurai Princess

Recently, I just bought an outfit from Bare Rose and I just can't wait to try it out and take some nice photo in it. So, here it is, Kitty the Samurai Princess.

This suit of armor is named Kirisitan Paladin Lady, but it does have all the feel and spirit of a lady samurai.

Do you want to mess with Kitty?

The typical build of the armor is not very samurai like when you close up, but never the less, it is a piece of armor to be reckon with.

Look at that awesome blade. Bet the bad guys did not know what hit then when Kitty spill their blood all over the floor. (Violent~~ ^_^)

Nothing like a little Katana time at a little waterfall for some self discovery and moment of zen.

Don't worry, I am not going to cut off the Cherry Tree... BUT if you are thinking of chopping it down, then I will assure you that your limbs will part.

Kitty guards the bridge from evil robbers who ambush innocent merchants and villagers. 

Bring it on! My Muramasa had hunger at your blood for centuries. The bridge will be stained red before you will even cross it.

I really love this outfit and the details Bare Rose had always put in. I guess you will be seeing Kitty in this outfit for some time (where the environment permits).

See this armor and more at Bare Rose Main Store:

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