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Going Green for Les Sucreries de Fairy

For those who knows me enough, you will realize that green is NOT one of my favorite color. However, today I am going to try something somewhat different. I am going to actually go GREEN for this entry.

The main inspiration of doing this session of photo shoot is because I happen to chance onto Les Sucreies de Fairy and I found 2 hunts which contains gifts which compliments each other. The  Runaway Perfect Hunt Edition 4 gives you an outfit, while the One Fine Day in Emerald City Hunt gives you additional accessories for the outfit. So together, here we have it. All greenish, elfish and pixie looking.

The outfit contains a movable wing like attachment on the back which is rather hard to show, but the rest can be seen clearly here. The necklaces to crown is all from the  One Fine Day in Emerald City Hunt. 

This outfit is perfect for any medieval or fairy a like type of sim and environment. I am taking these pictures from the friend's Maybank concert sim which happens to be for pixie theme.

The dress will definitely shine and make you stand out in the crowd due to its bright and shiny color and while be elegant, it is not too formal either. Just the perfect dress for a dance or dining event.

This is the first time I feature a hunt, without actually complete it, but thanks to these hunts gift at Les Sucreies de Fairy, you can get the very same outfit that Kitty is wearing proudly.

One Fine Day in Emerald City Hunt
Hints and Locations:
Runaway Perfect Hunt Edition 4
Locations and Hints:

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