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Floating Particles from The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt by Les Sucreries de Fairy

Ok, I know I may had posted this outfit before, its Raspberry from Les Sucreies de Fairy as well, but today I want you to concentrate and take a look at the little strawberry that is surround me instead. No, it's not the big one on the floor! Ok, maybe they are cherries, I need to look harder, but its there and Les Sucreies de Fairy is apparently quite good with this sort of floaters as I had seen them before on their sim on different occasions.

As the prize is part of The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt, you can expect nothing less than cute here. There is also yet another peach looking happy face floater inside the same prize!

By the way, I just happen to chance upon a sim dedicated to John Lennon of the Beatles on the song Strawberry Fields Forever. It seems like a nice sim, maybe I should share it. 

There is also a Bee Floater for those who are not so much into fruits. Actually that's not all. There are a total of 4 floaters, but not to spoil the surprise, you go find out what is the last one.

The hunt will start soon, join in The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt when it opens!

The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt


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