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First Annual 2013 Sand and Sea Expo

I am reporting live from the First Annual 2013 Sand and Sea Expo. Why am I here? Well, its partly because of a treasure hunt, but it it not really even a treasure hunt because the item is place right in sight. But there is a catch. You have to be lucky to get the prize!

So far, I had been pretty lucky and I seems to get about 50% of the prizes. I guess another round 2 hours later and I might get it all.

But what else is here? Well, its everything that got to do with ocean and sand, from fishing to yatching to underwater decoration. You will all the creative vendors who are doing sea theme items here. The sim is shaped to be a sandy beach cum port and you get to see some nice yatch and boats  here too.

And there are no catch free gift too. Make sure you join the group and grab your purple whale plush and the nice necklace next to the entrance point!

Lastly, there are 2 part of this expo actually, above water and underwater, Make sure you visit all of them! And do it fast, there are barely a few hours left!

Beach and Sand:


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