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First Annual 2013 Sand and Sea Expo On Site

Guess what? I am still at the Expo today which happens to be the last day now. This is such a great event that I really wish to cover it more on my blog here.

I talked about having a under water section right? Well here are some photos of it, but because the building is so huge as compared to me, these has kind of become a "What's Kitty" picture.

Have you seen such a big Octopus before?

Sea shells and clams is a must have for any sea event. I feel like little mermaid.

Woah! So much whales! I wish I could buy all of it. OK, even if I did, I will have no place to rez this... :(

And this is a really really rare opportunity to see Kitty in diving gears! 

The rest of the photo will be on land, showing more of the fancy stuffs.

Ever ride a whale? Well this is your chance! And look at the beautiful water!

After a long dive, there is nothing like a good R&R by the bench and enjoy a cold cocktail!

I did mention yacht in the previous post, well, here is one big luxurious one!

There is even a ship. OK, all hands on deck. Cannons, FIRE!

And you think you could escape me? I finally found you, treasure!

This is the LAST chance to see it! Grab your freebies too, including diving gears! (P.S. The gears that Kitty is wearing is not from here, but bought from marketplace.)

Beach Entrance: 

Underwater Entrance: 

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