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Black and White for Les Sucreies de Fairy

Thanks to Fairy from Les Sucreies de Fairy, I have the privilege to preview a hunt gift for the  Black and White Cat Hunt which is schedule to start in less than 5 days! The gift is a wonderful outfit in Black and White obviously, and for their prize, its a skirt with stripes, a gorgeous hat with a nice little ribbon lace and finally nice long black stockings, which is always Kitty's favorite. I even tried playing the piano at a club with this and I can only say it is as good as it looks. 

The dress is sexy with white fluffy lining at the waist and a compliment of a tiny black panty. OF course, for those who are a bit more shy, you can always add something black to this, but otherwise, its perfect for dancing, giving you a good flexible legs anytime during the dance.

As you can see, the dance is quite photogenic and Kitty just looks good in almost everywhere in this outfit, even just beside a fountain in a mansion.

It is perfect as a dress for attention a little chit-chat or light drinking sessons with friends and it makes Kitty look really young and pretty. 

As the hunt has not start, there is no way I could had completed this yet, but giving the fact that Les Sucreies de Fairy and Oceania Breedables are in, there is almost no reason why you should miss this one!

Black and White Cat Hunt
Hints and Locations:


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