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Beautiful Nightmare Hunt 2

I had just completed this hunt, quite close to its ending date. It's only 6 more days to end and I am not sure if I have the time to even showcase the prizes, but neverthe less, let me update on the downed sites and links at least.

Its a relatively easy hunt, but again it's not free, even though some of the shop are selling the item at $0L. It seems like the whole May, we are having paid hunts. Out of the 57 sites, only a handful is not working as follow.

33. Kennedy's
42. Holli Pocket
47. {simply magik} 

And because one way or another, you might need the links of the following sites, because the 2 previous sites are down or the locations is just not updated in the LM in the prizes.

Shop 57 is kind of a strange, maybe even a last minute addition because when you reach 56, the LM all points to the starting again. You have to manually use the LM above to manually go to the site. Do not forget to also check on the official board for any updates.

Here is the store list and hints:

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