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75% Off Sales at Les Secreries

It is often you get sales from great stores at like 25% or even 50% off. But how often do you see a 75% off? Well, here is the good news! There is one going on at Les Secreies! They are famous for cute floating outfits very much like the Alice in Wonderland I wore last year! 

Enough talk, lets see what we bought!

My friend, Rielstar, bought the yellow ZIP Cat! I would just buy it even for the cat itself. A real steal below $50L. And what's more? Its originally meant for kids, but given the mod permission, we can always do some stretching to fit it!

No, this is not a space suit, although Kitty is bouncing around in it. Its the Bunny Queen and I bet even on the moon, there are cute bunny like me around! Just see my cute doll! Yes and this is not even over $100L!

I hardly bought much cute outfit and I guess I shall pamper myself this once for thie Raspberry outfit. Results, a total killer for any occasion. I bet I would be Prom Queen in this!

This outfit is call Wild Wild West and it looks both elegant and sexy. Kitty like the hat pretty much and I guess you will be seeing me around in this for a while.

Go to the sales now because it may not last long (The owner told me! But she said she would extend it a bit...):

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