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1st Act Avatar Hunt

1st Act is famous for their werewolves, but it so happen that there are having a avatar hunt right on their Final Fantasy sim. I came upon it by the word from a friend and among the choice, you get to get avatars for Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy's Lightning. Naturally the choice is clear for me.

What do you think of Kitty in Lightning outfit? I did not change the shape, eyes, hair etc because I wanted to keep it Kitty-ish.

Well, anyway, I was curious (I am a cat after all) and I grab the Metal Gear Solid 1 outfit too and this is how I looked.

Well, don't let that curiosity stop there.

Here is Big Boss Kitty... Honestly, maybe this doesn't look that good as I expected because I did not change the shape and the pants turns out to look really fashionable like the 80s. :)

On the other hand, Squall Leonhart outfit does looks pretty good on Kitty, especially for the winter. So there you go, there is no reason why a girl should not grab the other outfit for this hunt too!

While you are at it, you should visit the weapon store with the LM on the blade and you can get free weapons including a huge blade like that which Cloud has.

Well, grab the Avatars from:

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