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X-Clusives Animations FREE Rosewood Gazebo Worth $1000K

Want to get a FREE Gazebo? Kitty just came across this on one of her hunts and find that this is too good to be ignore, and thus this blog to share with you.

The criteria is simple. Enable search on your profile and add a pick in front of the Gazebo board. Then make sure you are in the group and click on the board for your prize.

It's just that simple. And here is Kitty's Gazebo while she relax in it:

This is an adult store, so expect adult stuff while you are there and beside this, there are other great offers which includes a pack of 16 outdoors item for $999L which is worth more than $25000L if bought separately. Its unfortunate that Kitty has not made up her mind to buy or not to buy it since she doesn't have a place to permanently host it and paying $999L for a few photographs might be a bit expensive.

Jump to the Gazebo board:

Read more about X-Clusives Animations:

The Runway Perfect Hunt Edition 4

This hunt is generally more for model and girls who love clothes and poses. Well, I guess that's most girls. :) I came across this from Les Sucreries de Fairy and I completed one of their previous outfit who was posted earlier here:

Naturally I would want to complete this hunt even thought it's $5L each item, coming to a total of $250L. Bear in mind, its designed for models, so if you are not really into it, you might find the prizes not so applicable. Ihave not yet the time to unpack this, but at least you had seen 1 prize from Les Sucreries de Fairy.

Start your hunt here:

Beautiful Nightmare Hunt 2

I had just completed this hunt, quite close to its ending date. It's only 6 more days to end and I am not sure if I have the time to even showcase the prizes, but neverthe less, let me update on the downed sites and links at least.

Its a relatively easy hunt, but again it's not free, even though some of the shop are selling the item at $0L. It seems like the whole May, we are having paid hunts. Out of the 57 sites, only a handful is not working as follow.

33. Kennedy's
42. Holli Pocket
47. {simply magik} 

And because one way or another, you might need the links of the following sites, because the 2 previous sites are down or the locations is just not updated in the LM in the prizes.

Shop 57 is kind of a strange, maybe even a last minute addition because when you reach 56, the LM all points to the starting again. You have to manually use the LM above to manually go to the site. Do not forget to also check on the official board for any updates.

Here is the store list and hints:


Summer Before the War

All on a Saturday, bright as a bell
Early and just for the ride
We took a trip cycling down to the sea
You and your lady and I
And oh, what a summer, and oh, what a sun
Bright to the blue sky it clung
One day at Whitsun, the sea and the shore
The summer before the war

Warm summer places where you could taste the country air
Chasing our shadows we'd fly
Down through the narrow lanes, racing the slow trains
And the last of an age going by
And we had a good time, and we had some fun
There was time then when we were all young
One day at Whitsun, the sea and the shore
The summer before the war

Young hearts and young souls, young minds to unfold
Knowing the untold somehow
One day at Whitsun, the sea and the shore
The summer before the war
We found a small cove by the sand and the water
The salt air was brushing your skin
With your hand in her hand there was nothing to say
Just watch the sea rushing in,
But oh, what a moment, and oh, what a day
We held it and it never slipped away
One day at Whitsun, the sea and the shore
The summer before the war

One day at Whitsun, the sea and the shore
The summer before the war

Words & music by Huw Williams (PRS)
From the CD, The Wishing Well, by Connie Dover © Taylor Park Music


The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt Prizes

After completing and trying out some of the outfits, I couldn't hold back my urge to post some of the outfit I pieced together with the various prizes from the hunt.

Wait, thats Pika... Pikapus!

Nothing like a nice dress and the clear stream.

Not everything is childish! You can make it sexy too, its all up to how your dress! Add one of the nice necklace from the hunt and you are a truly breath taking outfit!

Yet another cute Alice outfit for me! You can add the shoulder pet to make it extra Kawaii!

There are semi formal dress too which is great for visiting... Wait, Kitty... Isn't that the graveyard????!!!

Go get some sun with the Panda Bikini! Its a day of the Sea and Sand!

Nothing like a Pink Witch under the nice pink Blossom. Its a pity at the moment of posting this, the sim for this prize seems to be down. But I hope its up, because I know everyone would love to get their hand on this prize!

Talk about colorful. Kitty looks so sophisticated with the colorful outfit.

The hunt is never complete without a PINK outfit. And this is one really cute one!

Kitty is a big fan of BLACK too and this is one fun Black outfir. 

And to top it all, there are quite a few Pyjamas in the hunt and here is one cute one with a big cutie face.  And Kitty just could bear to take off the pretty bow on her hair even when going to sleep. Its from Luckie which was listed as unavailable in the previous post. Kitty love to sleep in this!

See the hunt hints at:


The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt

I had just completed The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt. In Japanese, Kawaii means cute and who could say no to cute stuff in sl, even if it cost $1L per item. And believe me, just by the naming, I can already tell some of them are well worth it.

If you are not convinced, you can well check it on the prizes page:

In a previous post, I had show cased the floating particles from Les Sucreies de Fairy:

Now, I am official on the hunt and I had completed it! It says Kawaii Hunt, so be prepared to visit lots of cute places with nice little stuff which can be damaging to your purse. And I mean it! I spend quite a bit on this hunt in some shop because the items are simply too cute to past. 

Here are some interesting places I came across during the hunt:

Just look at how tiny Kitty is compared to... I forgotten what's his name again... :P

Simply too enchanted by the fancy tree and the particles (omg, they are not captured by the camera :( )

An introduction to JingJing, I suppose a Chinese pet. 

And seriously, I thought I am the only person who has this. It turns out that there is a similar one by a different vendor here too. Well I certainly did not have the chocolate and strawberry doughnuts. If you notice the cute Totoro at the corner, well, IT'S FREE!!! I will never forgive you if you miss it when you are at this shop. Oh, I won't tell you which shop, this is part of the hunt right?

Despite so much I love, its a pity that out of 51 locations, 3 of them are not ready either with no gift at all or the gift cannot be purchase. So to save you time, I will list them below. Unfortunately, the official site does not allow comments, or I would share it there so that everyone can just skip if necessary. 

Locations Down :
9. Loordes of London
41. Yay And Stuff
51. Luckie

And lastly, please do not forget all the nice Gotcha, Lucky Chairs and Midnight Madness you see around. Kitty won something on the spot! Yes,  Lucky. 

See the hunt hints at:


Floating Particles from The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt by Les Sucreries de Fairy

Ok, I know I may had posted this outfit before, its Raspberry from Les Sucreies de Fairy as well, but today I want you to concentrate and take a look at the little strawberry that is surround me instead. No, it's not the big one on the floor! Ok, maybe they are cherries, I need to look harder, but its there and Les Sucreies de Fairy is apparently quite good with this sort of floaters as I had seen them before on their sim on different occasions.

As the prize is part of The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt, you can expect nothing less than cute here. There is also yet another peach looking happy face floater inside the same prize!

By the way, I just happen to chance upon a sim dedicated to John Lennon of the Beatles on the song Strawberry Fields Forever. It seems like a nice sim, maybe I should share it. 

There is also a Bee Floater for those who are not so much into fruits. Actually that's not all. There are a total of 4 floaters, but not to spoil the surprise, you go find out what is the last one.

The hunt will start soon, join in The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt when it opens!

The Ultimate Kawaii Hunt


Black and White for Les Sucreies de Fairy

Thanks to Fairy from Les Sucreies de Fairy, I have the privilege to preview a hunt gift for the  Black and White Cat Hunt which is schedule to start in less than 5 days! The gift is a wonderful outfit in Black and White obviously, and for their prize, its a skirt with stripes, a gorgeous hat with a nice little ribbon lace and finally nice long black stockings, which is always Kitty's favorite. I even tried playing the piano at a club with this and I can only say it is as good as it looks. 

The dress is sexy with white fluffy lining at the waist and a compliment of a tiny black panty. OF course, for those who are a bit more shy, you can always add something black to this, but otherwise, its perfect for dancing, giving you a good flexible legs anytime during the dance.

As you can see, the dance is quite photogenic and Kitty just looks good in almost everywhere in this outfit, even just beside a fountain in a mansion.

It is perfect as a dress for attention a little chit-chat or light drinking sessons with friends and it makes Kitty look really young and pretty. 

As the hunt has not start, there is no way I could had completed this yet, but giving the fact that Les Sucreies de Fairy and Oceania Breedables are in, there is almost no reason why you should miss this one!

Black and White Cat Hunt
Hints and Locations:


Going Green for Les Sucreries de Fairy

For those who knows me enough, you will realize that green is NOT one of my favorite color. However, today I am going to try something somewhat different. I am going to actually go GREEN for this entry.

The main inspiration of doing this session of photo shoot is because I happen to chance onto Les Sucreies de Fairy and I found 2 hunts which contains gifts which compliments each other. The  Runaway Perfect Hunt Edition 4 gives you an outfit, while the One Fine Day in Emerald City Hunt gives you additional accessories for the outfit. So together, here we have it. All greenish, elfish and pixie looking.

The outfit contains a movable wing like attachment on the back which is rather hard to show, but the rest can be seen clearly here. The necklaces to crown is all from the  One Fine Day in Emerald City Hunt. 

This outfit is perfect for any medieval or fairy a like type of sim and environment. I am taking these pictures from the friend's Maybank concert sim which happens to be for pixie theme.

The dress will definitely shine and make you stand out in the crowd due to its bright and shiny color and while be elegant, it is not too formal either. Just the perfect dress for a dance or dining event.

This is the first time I feature a hunt, without actually complete it, but thanks to these hunts gift at Les Sucreies de Fairy, you can get the very same outfit that Kitty is wearing proudly.

One Fine Day in Emerald City Hunt
Hints and Locations:
Runaway Perfect Hunt Edition 4
Locations and Hints:


Greek Mythology Hunt

This is a way underrated hunt that actualyl gone pretty much unnoticed, but because of that I shall showcase some of the outfit (only) from this hunt.

It seems like Hermes is really popular. This is the first of the 2 outfit given.

Here is a closer look at the same outfit. Take note that the bra and panty does not come with the outfit, but is deliberately added because I rezzed and took this photo on a PG sim.

There is also a golden dress for those who love the more comfortable wear.

And here is another Hermes outfit with some additional item like the harp and necklace all added in. 

Hints and Locations:


Twice the Garden Flower Hunt

Yet another new hunt from Botanica, where all the spring flowers now blooms! Do you remember the Butterfly Hunt some time back? Anyway, Botanica had always use a very special hud such as the basket this time to collect the items. And this time the flowers are all MESH!

Here is a preview of the flowers you can collect from this hunt. There are altogether 14 of them and all very low prim!

In addition to the flowers which you will get along the hunt, there is a grand prize with the wheel burrow which you can push around. OK, I know I am a bit over dress for the wheel burrow, but it beats doing it in my Samurai Armor.

See the blog, which also explain a little about the advantage of MESH:

Finally, start the hunt here:

TSG Sinner's Hunt - Lust

If you love all the gothic and dark sinister stuff, then you must not miss this hunt because that's what it is all about. From mouth stitches to metal cages, you will find something that fits you here. Its a 29 location hunts, with some broken and to be skipped, and its fairly simply if you just follow the hint. Grab the lock heart and you will be a happy hunter.

See the hints and prizes:

See their blog too:

Demon Spring Hunt Stores

This hunt will run from 1st-15th May and I am glad I found it because there are some pretty lovely and cute gifts!

See the links and the prizes here:

Dirty Little Secret – Red Shoe Diaries

This is a rather unique hunt which comes in 2 parts. Red Shoe Diaries are for girls and Little Black Book for the guys. Naturally, I only did Red Shoe Diaries. Well, what would I did with man stuff anyway? Plus the hunt is not free, its $1L each and for Red Shoe Diaries, that's $78L in total for 78 locations (minus 2 or so to skip).

The hunt is straight forward. Find the shoe and pay for your prize. There is a webpage which listed all the update location and hints:

And they have another page dedicated to showcase some of the prizes:

I must say I am really attracted by the prizes before I even started on the hunt.

Model Pose Hunt

There is a pose model hunt for those of you who love to take pictures like me and poses means everything! Safe to say, I did not regret going on this easy hunt and you will be surprise at the quality of the poses. Naturally I went back for more.

Start your pose hunt at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.