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Tainted Fool Hunt

This was a great hunt at 14 locations with each giving some nice surprises and lots of phoney clocks. But it was fun and it wasn't meant to be insanely hard like Twisted, because they meant you to find it after all.

The clocks are insanely funny and many great sims were in this hunt including Almost Wonderland which left a deep impression on me because you know I am always nuts about Alice. I ended up buying some stuff along the way and I must say I am glad I did this hunt before it ended.

There were only a small couple of things to take note, the first location, although stated Gift #1 #2, I could only find one and the last location, which LM was incorrect actually only contain 1 bonus item as I think I found the hint location, but no clock were found. :( Btw, the last location is at :

Well, there is only a couple of hours more!
The hints and LMs:

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