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Kitty Resolution

This is the concluding piece of the short story I written about Kitty's dark past. The previous chapters are as listed:

Kitty remembered her gentle smile, her soft hand caressing her sometimes when they played. Although it was only the four years together, that little girl was forced to left the family due to her curse. The nun as none other than the girl she played with before she was send to become a Miko, then eventually a Shinto nun. Kitty ran back quickly to catch her fall, lifted her head up gently as she is choking in mouthful of blood, taking her last breath. 

"Kitty, please let it go, I know how lonely it was, these decades that past, with you holding loyally to the curses you bestowed. But the curses does not only bound the family, it bounds you. As my last dying wish, please release the family, please release yourself from the curse..."

Tears flooded Kitty's eyes and her vision blurred. Once, for this hundred year, she cried and she cried hard, screaming loudly as she scratch the floorboard with her claws in anger. What had she done? This was her only friend in this hundred year and she could not believe this is how it had to end.

Suddenly Kitty felt her paw held by a warm and windy feeling as she looked up and there she stood, Hime in her formal clothes and her gentle smile as she look at Kitty and petted her head gentled just like she did in life.   

"Thank you Kitty, for giving up your life to extend the vengence for me. I am grateful. But I no longer feel anger or hatred now. It had been a long time and now my heart if finally at peace. You had given up so much for me. A hundred years where you could be reborned and live your life..."

Hime spoke softly in her ghastly voice, sweet yet echos in the corridors as tears drops from her eyes. Kitty could only nodded as she looked upon the two person who really matters in her life, one long dead and one dying...

"I know you would come..." The nun spoke softly as she point to the urn she placed on the table earlier. "Kitty take Hime with you... My task is complete. For the years I had practice and given my life devoting to the study of peace and enlightenment, there is only one thing that haunts me... Its you. I had knew all along you were not just a random cat in the household, you were the Bakeneko that haunts the family. I knew. And I know I had to set this right and end if. For no one else., but for you, Kitty..." As the nun chokes she held Hime's hand and Kitty hands together, placing them on her chest as she softly chants a prayer.

"Kitty, I will seal your Muramasa blade and you will not be able to unshealth it any more. I will stay with you for as long as you live, for the rest of your life as your protector this time. This is my way to say thanks for all you had done. Without my willing, the blade will remain sealed and you shall go live your life as you deserve. Be what you wanted and do what you will..."

As Hime spokes, she begins to fade as sparkles of her soul and spirit joins the demonic blade in harmony. The blade struggles to free itself from the shealth for one last time before it was silent for centuries to come as the sealed blade accompany Kitty on her relentless journey.

The family was left alone, for whatever left of them. Nobody heard out the mysterious Bakeneko ever from then. But everyone knew it was the brave sacrifice of the nun, whose grave now lies peacefully among the green tall bamboo  forest. Times and times, villagers would remember her and come gives flowers and incense as offering for decades to come.

As Kitty laid the nun down and cover her with a last handful of earth from her paw. She placed her mask which she used together into her grave. "As I lay down my mask, I lay down my vengeance and I hope you would remember me as your friend forever..." Kitty picked up the Katana and spoke softly to it. "We are leaving Hime..." A soft echo in the winds seems to ask Kitty where she would be heading... 

As the wind picks up leaves and make them dances in the breezes, Kitty looked towards the west and smiled. "Where the wind goes, Hime. Where the wind goes..."

Together with Hime. Kitty traveled over the great ocean to many new lands and had many new adventures, but of course that is another story...

In memory of my friend's cat, Moumou.

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