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Fennux Spring Hunt 2013

Fennux is a form of virtual pet which is breedable and you can even wear and duel with them, somewhat similar to the idea of Pokemon. Although I had never owned one before, but I did come across this hunt which exposes the hunter to the Fennux world.

While some of you will probably close this page immediately because you do not want to spend any $L on Fennux, let me say this, the prizes DOES NOT require you to own a Fennux. In fact, all the prizes are pretty much stand alone items which you can wear and ply around without Fennux. The only thing is that it does promotes for Fennux and I think it is just fair enough to check it out yourself since they had sponsor this FREE hunt with 12 items.

The HUD given to you feature something new as it display the 12 locations and indicates which you had completed (green) and which you had not (red). Simply click on the reds one in any order and you can begin your hunt for the item (2nd item on the left as shown above, supposedly a den).

Start you hunt here by clicking on the signboard.

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