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Steam the Hunt 8 The Lost World

I said I would complete Steam 8 and guess what? I did. For quite a while too. It just always slipped my mind to post it and March had proved to be a really busy hunting month. Just when I told I had time for a break, another hunt summons me. In the last few days, I took whatever time I had to complete Madpea's Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. The first prize was $10K L, but of course it was too crowded and its a rotate restart Tuesday... OK, no excuse. It wasn't me.

Back to the Steam hunt, I must say I always enjoy this hunt and this time I think I spend quite a bit more than I planned too. Some of the items are simply too cute and good to say NO to. There are a large number of stores and prizes this time, although sadly a few broke for me, but that's quite typical of large hunts like this.

There is only 2 days or so left, grab your prizes or at least the few you love. OK, being biases, but I think you should at least grab the T-Rex rider (along with the Tricerator Rider)

See the prizes:

And start your hunt here:

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