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Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunting 2013

Once again its another Kiyomizu Hunt. If you had been following my blog, you won't be a strange to this hunt, but for the benefits of those who don't, this hunt is primary in Japanese, not English, but once you get the concept, its actually one of the most fun hunt on SL.

How the hunt work (according to Kitty anyway):
  1. Look for a floating cube in the main Kiyomizu Shopping Sim. If you think you are smart to LM at one of those cube, then I can tell you it's not really going to work because the cube will appaear randomly at certain place and once clicked by someone it will take a while to respawn. Why? Well, I don't know, but thats how the ninja thing works right? And ya, do you know we are hunting for Ninja Cats?
  2. After clicking on the cube, you will be asked to open a link on your browser. Do that and you will find your personal scorecard, listing all the Ninja Cats you had found and how many there are on each location etc.
  3. While many site listed down the name of hte shop, DO NOT bother to go find them, because there is a link on the webpage to each store and you can click it to open a SL link which you can teleport to. The location linked is usually the most accurate here on the score card.
  4. Find the Ninja Cat(s) on that location and teleport back to the main Kiyomizu Shopping Sim. Now that is one sim you got to LM.
  5. Find another cube as in Step 1 and repeat. Your score card will be updated. And you can even check who is doing the hunt and communicate with other hunters. 
The thing about the total number of Ninja Cats works this way. Usually at the start of the hunt, almost all the Ninja Cats are there. But some store seems to either have a quota or they will withdrawn after the first x days. So the total number of cats will reduce. Of course, some could very well be broken as well just like other hunts. This should be updated. I just found out that the 1 thing that they cannot update is when there is suppose to be 2 cats and cat number 1 is broken. This happens on this very hunt on #43, where cat number 1 is actually missing and Kitty had confirmed with the owner.

In any case, that would means Kitty is not able to "complete" the hunt as shown on the score card, but Kitty came in 10th anyway and I only did the hunt on 17th March, 2 days after it had opened.

This time I should cover the prizes in details in another post. It's a promise. But meanwhile, here are the hunt details.

Start the main hunt at:

I found another blog which listed down some of the items from this hunt:

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