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Existence Egg Hunt

Its rather strange that I did not find much information on this hunt, but from the word of mouth from my sister. Many great stores are participating in this hunt include Rozena which is one of my favorite skin shop. Each shop bring some eggs of their own fomr $0L, others up to $10L, but nevertheless its all up to you to buy whichever you like. I skipped some of them too. But what is important is the sales items that each stores also bring to the event and some of them are really impressive.

Go to the Existence Egg Hunt :

Fierce Bunneh Hunt

One of the later hunt to start in the month of March, but not the least I would say. A short and sweet hunt with 6 items and its pretty fun running through and buying some of the sales item at Fierce Design. While you are at the store, you might as well sign up on their group where there are lots of free gifts for group members on the wall.

Go for it at:

WoW Easter Egg Hunt

Just completed a hunt from WoW Skins. It appears that there is also a 50% sale going on at the hunt. 10 Egg each at $1L with WoW skins is a steal anytime and there is also a special $50L special skin call Paris.

So what skins are at 50%, well I manage to find a blog which has pictures for all those, so I won't repost it. Here are the skins at 50%:

Catch it before it ends!

Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior

Madpea's hunt are one of my favorite and this is no exception. However, this is not one of those easy hunt. The story follows an explorer on a trail of an ancient Inca Treasure and it brings you around many deadly traps and hair tearing puzzles.

Unfortunately, I got stuck in quite a few spots this time, but lucky I got help. Maybe the hint wasn't really very direct and some of the item are really hard because you have no idea what you are looking for, But nevertheless, many had completed it and so did I. There is a wheel with some Inca cymboles. That puzzle has no hint whatsoever though, so Google is your friend. I would love to post the hint here, but I am sure some people are not please with that.Well, at least its fair enough you can ask in the channel chat though.

Like all other Madpea's hint before, there is no prizes until you complete it all, so its everything or nothing, so make sure you are determined to win this and it will cost you 100L for the HUD anyway. Good luck!

Read about the hunt:

Start the story here:

Steam the Hunt 8 The Lost World

I said I would complete Steam 8 and guess what? I did. For quite a while too. It just always slipped my mind to post it and March had proved to be a really busy hunting month. Just when I told I had time for a break, another hunt summons me. In the last few days, I took whatever time I had to complete Madpea's Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. The first prize was $10K L, but of course it was too crowded and its a rotate restart Tuesday... OK, no excuse. It wasn't me.

Back to the Steam hunt, I must say I always enjoy this hunt and this time I think I spend quite a bit more than I planned too. Some of the items are simply too cute and good to say NO to. There are a large number of stores and prizes this time, although sadly a few broke for me, but that's quite typical of large hunts like this.

There is only 2 days or so left, grab your prizes or at least the few you love. OK, being biases, but I think you should at least grab the T-Rex rider (along with the Tricerator Rider)

See the prizes:

And start your hunt here:


Loreena McKennitt- Beneath a Phrygian Sky

The moonlight it was dancing
On the waves, out on the sea
The stars of heaven hovered
In a shimmering galaxy

A voice from down the ages
So in haunting in its song
These ancient stones will tell us
Our love must make us strong

The breeze it wrapped around me
As I stood there on the shore
And listened to this voice
Like I never heard before

Our battles they may find us
No choice may ours to be
But hold the banner proudly
The truth will set us free

My mind was called across the years
Of rages and of strife
Of all the human misery
And all the waste of life

We wondered where our God was
In the face of so much pain
I looked up to the stars above
To find you once again

We travelled the wide oceans
Heard many call your name
With sword and gun and hatred
It all seemed much the same

Some used your name for glory
Some used it for their gain
Yet when liberty lay wanting
No lives were lost in vain

Is it not our place to wonder
As the sky does weep with tears
And all the living creatures
Look on with mortal fear

It is ours to hold the banner
Is ours to hold it long
It is ours to carry forward
Our love must make us strong

And as the warm wind carried
Its song into the night
I closed my eyes and tarried
Until the morning light

As the last star it shimmered
And the new sun's day gave birth
It was in this magic moment
Came this prayer for mother earth

The moonlight it was dancing
On the waves, out on the sea
The stars of heaven hovered
In a shimmering galaxy

A voice from down the ages
So in haunting in its song
The ancient stones will tell us
Our love will make us strong


Kiyomizu Spring Treasure Hunting 2013

Once again its another Kiyomizu Hunt. If you had been following my blog, you won't be a strange to this hunt, but for the benefits of those who don't, this hunt is primary in Japanese, not English, but once you get the concept, its actually one of the most fun hunt on SL.

How the hunt work (according to Kitty anyway):
  1. Look for a floating cube in the main Kiyomizu Shopping Sim. If you think you are smart to LM at one of those cube, then I can tell you it's not really going to work because the cube will appaear randomly at certain place and once clicked by someone it will take a while to respawn. Why? Well, I don't know, but thats how the ninja thing works right? And ya, do you know we are hunting for Ninja Cats?
  2. After clicking on the cube, you will be asked to open a link on your browser. Do that and you will find your personal scorecard, listing all the Ninja Cats you had found and how many there are on each location etc.
  3. While many site listed down the name of hte shop, DO NOT bother to go find them, because there is a link on the webpage to each store and you can click it to open a SL link which you can teleport to. The location linked is usually the most accurate here on the score card.
  4. Find the Ninja Cat(s) on that location and teleport back to the main Kiyomizu Shopping Sim. Now that is one sim you got to LM.
  5. Find another cube as in Step 1 and repeat. Your score card will be updated. And you can even check who is doing the hunt and communicate with other hunters. 
The thing about the total number of Ninja Cats works this way. Usually at the start of the hunt, almost all the Ninja Cats are there. But some store seems to either have a quota or they will withdrawn after the first x days. So the total number of cats will reduce. Of course, some could very well be broken as well just like other hunts. This should be updated. I just found out that the 1 thing that they cannot update is when there is suppose to be 2 cats and cat number 1 is broken. This happens on this very hunt on #43, where cat number 1 is actually missing and Kitty had confirmed with the owner.

In any case, that would means Kitty is not able to "complete" the hunt as shown on the score card, but Kitty came in 10th anyway and I only did the hunt on 17th March, 2 days after it had opened.

This time I should cover the prizes in details in another post. It's a promise. But meanwhile, here are the hunt details.

Start the main hunt at:

I found another blog which listed down some of the items from this hunt:


Nightwish - The Crow, the Owl and the Dove


Don't give me love, don't give me faith
Wisdom nor pride, give innocence instead
Don't give me love, I've had my share
Beauty nor rest, give me truth instead

A crow flew to me, kept it's distance
Such a proud creation
I saw it's soul, envied it's pride
But needed nothing it had

An owl came to me, old and wise
Pierced right through my youth
I learned it's ways, envied it's sense
But needed nothing it had

Don't give me love, don't give me faith
Wisdom nor pride, give innocence instead
Don't give me love, I've had my share
Beauty nor rest, give me truth instead

A dove came to me, had no fear
It rested on my arm
I touched it's calm, envied it's love
But needed nothing it had

A swan of white, she came to me
The lake mirrored her beauty sweet
I kissed her neck, adored her grace
But needed nothing she could give

Gar tuht river, Get te rheged
Gar tuht river, Get te rheged
Gar tuht river, Get te rheged

Gar tuht river, Get te rheged
Gar tuht river, Get te rheged
Gar tuht river, Get te rheged

Don't give me love, don't give me faith
Wisdom nor pride, give innocence instead
Don't give me love, I've had my share
Beauty nor rest, give me truth instead


To Hunt or Not to Hunt

There should be a point that someone will start to think this blog is made so I can brag about the hunts that I completed. Well, in general, I do not deny that's true, but maybe this is where it changes. With so many hunts going on at the same time, I am sure its quite impossible to complete all of them and in fact, not even most of them.  

Right now, or at least in the near future in mid march, 3 of the major (according to me) hunts are going on and I really wanted to complete them all. But this is why there is this post, I probably cannot.

Twisted Hunt had been around and this is the 9th run of it. What it is famous for is not the prizes or the story, but instead its well known to be insanely difficult. And this run is no exception. In fact, I had only embark on it and I can already tell its going to take me a while to complete this if I decided to continue on.

Well, the funny thing that makes Twist so hard is actually the designer intended for the hunter to cheat. Why do I say that? They will have tens (up to 50 I see so far) of item all named as the REAL item so that Area Search does not work. In additional, the cube (prize) is splashed with MESH so that wireframe will find it hard to locate and I do not know what other measures they put in. Honestly to me, I do not encourage or discourage the use of any of these technology. I believe you the hunter intend to ruin his / her own fun, I won't stop him / her. But technically I do not consider any of these cheating. The technology exists as part of SL and its not even like loading a Trainer or modifying some configuration files to access unauthorized features.

To give you an example of the measure they went to in order to make the hunter's life miserable. In a location I seen, there was no hint. Yes, I can't believe what's the fun of hunting when there is no hint. They might as well say the prize item is on some sim, inside some building somewhere on SL. Now that would be the ultimate hunt right? Well, NO to me. I may had been around for thousands of years as a Bakeneko, but still I prefer to spend my time doing something more meaningful. Ok, let's get back to the location. The cube was buried deep inside another larger decoy cube (yes, the store also puts up tens of decoys) and seriously, I did not find any other way to click on the cube with derendering the larger cube. So, they expect you to "cheat" by derendering the larger cube. I feel pity for people who really played nice.

Am I bad mouthing Twisted Hunt? Well, maybe I am a little, but what I am stating is facts. In fact, they even posted a rather arrogant speech about "Fck off if you are not good enough" on their site here:

Well, they might not had used the F word, but it pretty much sound like that to me. Actually I do not mind the insane challenge or the "dirty" tricks they played to hide the cubes. It's challenging and I do love challenges. The only down side to this hunt was unfortunately people are not as friend as you think. Without hints and without assistance from fellow hunters, it makes progress really slow and painful.

Maybe its by chance, but maybe its planned. The Steam hunt is always organized at the same time with Twisted, making it really hard to concentrate on both of them. In fact, I did not even attempted the last Twist because I had so much fun doing Steam with my sisters and friends. Steam, like Twisted, usually features a huge list of about 150 stores. so expect it not to be a short hunt. But the major difference on Steam however, is that every store is suppose to come with a hint for the item. Now, isn't that a big difference then. Unlike Twisted, which gives me an impression that they DO NOT want the hunter to get the prizes, Steam comes pretty friendly and in fact, I am quite impressed by the prizes. In the previous hunt, I even some cool steampunk vehicles and buildings and even a rocket!

Do I sound like I am taking sides, well maybe I am. All I know is that if I had to choose between these 2 big hunts, I would go for Steam any day. Maybe the theme for Steam is just more attractive for me too and at least I do know a few close friends who are interested to do this one with me. Yes, they still have hairs in case you are wondering. Nobody pulled their hair out so far over Steam hunts.

I am sure if you had followed my blog, then Kiyomizu is not a unfamiliar name. I loved this unique Japanese hunt and so far, I am just so impressed with their tracking system and you can even rank and compete with your friends and monitor each other's progress. The prizes may not be expensive (yes, in fact some of them are cheap even if you do not hunt them down), but they are definitely worth getting. Its this hunt that exposed me to many of the little Japanese invention which I am so impressed with. Clever little items made and sold by the stores in the Kiyomizu sim. I had completed at least 2 hunts from Kiyomizu and I will add more to it.

Kiyomizu hunt is usually shorter than both Twisted and Steam and its so friendly, you start to wonder if the designer wanted you to find the items easily. One of the reasons I enjoyed Kiyomizu so much is that I actually found the items quickly and had time to spend browsing on the stores. I did ended up buying lots of items which are not hunt related on Kiyomizu hunts actually. I usually do not spend that much on Steam hunt and I actually do not think I even spend at all in Twisted. The prize took up so much time that I immediately jump to the next hint as soon as I finally located it.

From the above, which is mostly if not all of my personal opinion, I think I would go about these 3 hunts in this order : Steam, Kiyomizu, Twisted. Well, the reason I place Steam first was because it only starts on 16th March, which gives me a full 15 days (4 had passed) to complete Steam first. I will try to complete Twisted last, and to be honest, I might actually walk from this one if there are better hunts around then.

But do not let me discourage you. If you enjoy a really hard challenge, go for it! You do get a tag saying you are a Twisted survivor I believed.

I also couldn't believe it had been so long. I still remember that night, sitting around my little hut in SASS with my friends, together, after I just completed STEAM... Alas, so a lot had changed...


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.