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Petit Chat's Dragonborn

To be honest, I would never say no to freebies and I had recently won this Dragonborn outfit from Petit Chat. Although this may be a bit late for the Chinese New Year, but I thought this WAS the most suitable dress for that occasion. Red and Dragon seems to suit the theme perfectly. But despite the fact I was alone in a unknown city and ill, I still did some photo wearing this in SL just to get into the mood.

I wanted to find a Chinese New Year to pose for this, but the best I could get was a sim call Dragon I think. It had a really nice waterfall which is right behind me and honestly, I do stand out dress in red here. The lacey red dress is perfect for avatars with long legs such as me with the short skirt.

I managed to find a red pagoda and posed for this dress here as well. As you can see the center parting in the dress fully exploited my feminine side and while looking sexy, this dress gives a certain level of elegant, making it suitable even for not so formal parties and dinners.

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