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Petit Chat's Czari's Gown

Once in a while, I get the privilege to actually try out some new outfit before anyone else and this is one of the time. I had been wearing Petit Chat's outfit for a while, so I guess its to no surprise to anyone that this time I got a preview of Czari's Gown to try on.

In short, this gown is a formal dress for all your formal dinners and dances and I even had a picture to prove how elegant it look on me when I had my dinner in an exquisite fine dining experience. Well, I won't tell you who is on the other end of the table. :) 

Other than boot, which in this case also happened to be from Petit Chat, the rest comes with it. A big gown with nice flow and beautiful chest decorations and arm laces. This allows me to stand out in a crowd anytime and especially useful in a big dance events with lots of wanna be princesses.

Coupled with a nice AO, the dress practically flows like a fish in a pond. I really had a great time with this dress despite its the first time I tried it on. The nice bustier which looks like a whole rings of roses helps me blend right in to the beautiful garden in the dance hall.

With such a beautiful gown, there is absolutely no reason why you should be missing any more balls and dances. Well, maybe I should had wore a pair of glass slippers instead, but I really did hurry home in this. For the first time perhaps, there is no panty that comes with this gown. So I guess do be careful where you step on and seriously, would you be expecting trouble in such a grand and classy event?

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  1. I was so surprised and speechless to have a gown named after me! Mega-hugs to Trinity and thank you so much for blogging it! I love how you accessorized the gown.



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