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MadPea Love Potion No. 9.9

Once again, Madpea had another hunt call Love Potion 9.9. As befoer, Madpea requires a customized hud which had to be paid out front to join the hunt. But before you do so, why not head down to their official webpage to see some of the gifts that they are giving for this hunt?

Check out the gifts here:

2 of the gifts are simply too attractive not to try on, so Kitty gave it her best shot!

Do you like Kitty as the water fairy? I deliberately did not removed my ears and tails so that I would look different to other water fairies around.

The Ankle Biter outfit is so cute to pass and Kitty just look very different in a way. But the texture of the skirt and the nice transparent wings are simply so beautiful. I guess with a bit of tweaking, Kitty would look great in this. But its worth a try anyway.

There are lots of other prizes, including the MESH Library which you will be visiting at the start!
Grab your glasses and start the hunt at:

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