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Kitty Revelation

And so decades will pass and Kitty continue to haunt the family whom from a reputable warlord family had declined to a poor landlord, partly because of their disability to engage in political marriage without girls in their family. Moreover, the curse of the demon cat is also simply something so horrifying that brides rather kill themselves than to be married into the family. However, one fine spring, this is going to change forever...

Despite the whole century had past, Kitty had found little friends and even though there, they come and go with various reasons. Kitty grow nail by nail every nine years and with each, her power increases. She simply got tired of using her claws and fangs to slay. In a way, we can said Kitty got more civilized and begin to dress like her former hime, in nice and beautiful clothes. Kitty then went in search for something to help her with the killing and it is no surprise she managed to find a cursed Muramasa blade which seems to be the most branded and popular blade around its time. However, that is totally another story on its own.

A century past and Kitty appears less and less to the family, but the killing continued as if it was her mission and commitment to Princess Kaguya. Kitty built a grave for her in a remote and hidden place and she even visits it every year. She often wondered if her owner had left her behind and went to heaven on her own. Or it was because her hatred was so strong, it would take a few more century to past or until the last of the family perish, which ever comes first. Kitty has no regrets. Her hatred is hers as well. 

Every few years, powerful monks and formidable samurai would be hired to attempt to exorcise or kill Kitty. She has little interest in killing these people, unless she had to and as a result she often fought without drawing her demonic blade because once a Muramasa is drawn, it must taste blood before it can return to its sheath. Kitty had to slain some of them and in a way the blade grew stronger with each kill. However, on this fine spring, it was neither a samurai or a monk who will end this, but instead an old nun. Someone from a distant past.

The nun came to the house, which sadly is far from its former glory in the castle as the family had lost lands and wealth through wars and politics. She came with almost nothing except with her staff and a urn, whom she placed with respect onto the staff of the gods before she enter the house. Kitty knew her purpose. She is just the same like those before. Kitty was not interested in a hide and seek game and appeared before her in the most gruesome form she could conjure.

"Leave if you value your life, old nun. Your blood is not worthy of my blade!" Kitty hisses at her.

"Aha... A nine tailed Bekeneko... Interesting..." She just smile and spoke softly but firmly. "I see you had gotten all your nine lives and even a demonic Muramasa blade... So the legends are true..."

"Well, then leave. I do not want to dirty my sword with your blood because once I draw it, it must taste blood before I could sheath it again." Kitty turned to leave, but the nun stopped her holding her staff firmly in front of her.

Needless to say, a fierce battle ensures and Kitty draw the blood hunger Muramusa blade and everything happen so fast that only flashes of lights and crashing of weapons can be heard. The candle by the hallway was cut out by the blade winds and all that remains is darkness, with Kitty and the nun standing back against each other. Kitty held the Katana and slowly slides it back into its sheath as the blood barely drips and get sucked into the sword as if the very sword is drinking it up. A loud thug can be heard as the nun falls to the wooden floorboard, she choked on a mouthful of blood.

"Kitty... I hope I will be the last of this family you will ever take with you..." The nun spoke softly as she turn her head towards the Bakeneko. Kitty turned around and suddenly she remember who the nun was...

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.