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Freebiecosmos Valentine Hunt

This is a simple and straight forward hunt with 7 items to be given away and on the same sim over 2 platforms. All you need to do is to find the heart shape item.

Here are some of the gifts:

So far as Kitty is hunting around the grid, she has NEVER come across such a gift like a Low Prim Store! Yes, I bet some of you had wonder how does it feel and have the place to rez this. What are you waiting for then?

There are also a set of 3 back tattoo to look good for the special someone.

And what is this? Well, everyone has wore shoes or boots most of the time, but underneath, the feet is always being neglected. Now is your chance to grab a pair of fantastic feet which comes with a hud to customize the skin colors as well as your nail polish.

There is also a pair of friends forever ring which is rather hard to show, so I included their poster here instead.

There are also a belly button and a PhotoStudio! Yes, You did not hear wrong, its a PhotoStudio with 70 poses and more! I strongly encourage you to go and complete this hunt while it last!

Start your hunt here:

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