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Cherries on Top Hunt II

This is a simple hunt which I only manage to go for it at the last minute... But never the less, I believe the item might stay there for a while before they remove it, so grab it quick if you are still able. 10 items and in fact quite a few really good ones.

The first gift is a nice detailed dress which comes in a few sizes for fitting of your avatars. Well, its pinkish red to suit the Valentine theme.

The next are a tank top for casual times as well as a flowery pants for the lovely occasion. There are even options which covers or shows your feet.

For those who prefer a not so bright Valentine, there is a lighter dress with white laces as well.

There are a few pieces here that is from the gift, from the dress to the color fitting handbag as well as the nice boots that fits perfectly to the whole outfit. 

There is a flowery necklace as well as a pair of earrings for this hunt as well to spice up your Valentine. 

To close it, for those who still loves the bright red, here is a nice pair of jeans in bright red which is sure to catch anyone's attention.

If its not too late, the hunt is here:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.