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2012 Tainted Love Hunt

I completed this hunt a week or so back and did not have a chance to post the gifts. Its a pity because there its a relatively big hunt and I expect many great goodies. I guess I will try to unpack and post them when I get the time this week.

But of course there is no stopping you from going at the hunt yourself!

Hints and locations at:


Petit Chat's Czari's Gown

Once in a while, I get the privilege to actually try out some new outfit before anyone else and this is one of the time. I had been wearing Petit Chat's outfit for a while, so I guess its to no surprise to anyone that this time I got a preview of Czari's Gown to try on.

In short, this gown is a formal dress for all your formal dinners and dances and I even had a picture to prove how elegant it look on me when I had my dinner in an exquisite fine dining experience. Well, I won't tell you who is on the other end of the table. :) 

Other than boot, which in this case also happened to be from Petit Chat, the rest comes with it. A big gown with nice flow and beautiful chest decorations and arm laces. This allows me to stand out in a crowd anytime and especially useful in a big dance events with lots of wanna be princesses.

Coupled with a nice AO, the dress practically flows like a fish in a pond. I really had a great time with this dress despite its the first time I tried it on. The nice bustier which looks like a whole rings of roses helps me blend right in to the beautiful garden in the dance hall.

With such a beautiful gown, there is absolutely no reason why you should be missing any more balls and dances. Well, maybe I should had wore a pair of glass slippers instead, but I really did hurry home in this. For the first time perhaps, there is no panty that comes with this gown. So I guess do be careful where you step on and seriously, would you be expecting trouble in such a grand and classy event?

Petit Chat has a blog at:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

Petit Chat's Life!

Life! from Petit Chat is another outfit I won and this certainly sound like a fun outfit. Anything call Life! can't be boring. And indeed it is not. Life! is a red corset with a 3 parts mini skirt and as always Petit Chat's outfit always comes with a panties. 

Life! actually seems like a comfortable enough to sleep in. And in fact that's exactly what I did because I had that outfit on when I woke up. I don't want to deny that the outfit sure gives me a certain degree of sexiness and I am actually loving it. Well, unless my neighbors start spying with their telescope, then that might not be such a desirable effect.

There is no better way to showcase Life! with me relaxing on my hammock in it. I told you it is very comfortable and I certainly feels good in it even when I relax. As with most other corset, it has a good fitting and fully display your great waistline no matter where you are. The short skirt makes it easy to sit or even lie down in most position without looking aweful and well, there is always the cute panties under it anyway.

Petit Chat has a blog at:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

Petit Chat's Dragonborn

To be honest, I would never say no to freebies and I had recently won this Dragonborn outfit from Petit Chat. Although this may be a bit late for the Chinese New Year, but I thought this WAS the most suitable dress for that occasion. Red and Dragon seems to suit the theme perfectly. But despite the fact I was alone in a unknown city and ill, I still did some photo wearing this in SL just to get into the mood.

I wanted to find a Chinese New Year to pose for this, but the best I could get was a sim call Dragon I think. It had a really nice waterfall which is right behind me and honestly, I do stand out dress in red here. The lacey red dress is perfect for avatars with long legs such as me with the short skirt.

I managed to find a red pagoda and posed for this dress here as well. As you can see the center parting in the dress fully exploited my feminine side and while looking sexy, this dress gives a certain level of elegant, making it suitable even for not so formal parties and dinners.

Petit Chat has a blog at:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:


Cherries on Top Hunt II

This is a simple hunt which I only manage to go for it at the last minute... But never the less, I believe the item might stay there for a while before they remove it, so grab it quick if you are still able. 10 items and in fact quite a few really good ones.

The first gift is a nice detailed dress which comes in a few sizes for fitting of your avatars. Well, its pinkish red to suit the Valentine theme.

The next are a tank top for casual times as well as a flowery pants for the lovely occasion. There are even options which covers or shows your feet.

For those who prefer a not so bright Valentine, there is a lighter dress with white laces as well.

There are a few pieces here that is from the gift, from the dress to the color fitting handbag as well as the nice boots that fits perfectly to the whole outfit. 

There is a flowery necklace as well as a pair of earrings for this hunt as well to spice up your Valentine. 

To close it, for those who still loves the bright red, here is a nice pair of jeans in bright red which is sure to catch anyone's attention.

If its not too late, the hunt is here:


.::YoPulga::. Mini Valentine Hunt!!

Well, with a poster like this, what else do I need to add. 8 prizes all shown here. $0L. No reason not to grab this while my noodle is cooking in my pot... Should be a quick one.

See the hints here:

Start your hunt now while its still up!

iTouch Hunts – Fantasy Hunt

I had completed this hunt right before I fell sick (again) and I did not had the time to wear the nice fantasy outfit to show off the prizes...But that should not stop you from getting them yourself. In fact the official website had a picture gallery of the prizes and I think pictures speaks more than words.

See the prizes:

The hunt is ending soon, so please go finish it now! Believe me, this is one great hunt! Not only are the information on the site updated, it had also point out the shops which had missing prizes etc. Notice there is no comments posted by me? Because there had not been any errors. This is what I call a A** hunt!

See the full list of location here:

Official Blog list of locations and pictures of prizes available at:


Hunt Heart ChezMoi

This hunt is short with only 10 items, but the prizes are in no way small. In fact, there are huge and large decorations for your Valentine's Day all in this hunt from rugs, to arch to picnic.

Lying nicely on the soft fur of this 6 prims sex rug means be... CONTRADICTING to Kitty...

There is also a nice tree trunk with many couples poses. However, under my lighting, I really wonder if some wizard had spilled some radioactive potion on it...

Always wanted to lap dance but is too shy to do it? Why not practice at home or just show it to your very special someone with this pole dance set?

There is also a outdoor cuddling sofa which Kitty would not think twice before lying down and scratching at it. She feels so at home on it.

If you need a place to meditate, then you will find this very zen Japanese garden for you. Again, the lighting came from the garden... Is there no non GMO plants left in 2L?

There is also a 2 prims picture frame cum TV which is small, but I guess good when you have space constraint. 

I did mention a picnic and here is it. Something for those days when you can laze around and enjoy the skies drinking sweet wine and sharing picnic food with your love one.

Lastly, there is a Lover Arch with nice heart petals. I took a lot of effort to clear things up so that I can rez this because its 59 prims. But if prims is not your issue, this is what you want!

I covered the majority of the gifts for this hunt, but I believe I missed a few here and there. Well, that's for you to find out.

Start your hunt here:

MadPea Love Potion No. 9.9

Once again, Madpea had another hunt call Love Potion 9.9. As befoer, Madpea requires a customized hud which had to be paid out front to join the hunt. But before you do so, why not head down to their official webpage to see some of the gifts that they are giving for this hunt?

Check out the gifts here:

2 of the gifts are simply too attractive not to try on, so Kitty gave it her best shot!

Do you like Kitty as the water fairy? I deliberately did not removed my ears and tails so that I would look different to other water fairies around.

The Ankle Biter outfit is so cute to pass and Kitty just look very different in a way. But the texture of the skirt and the nice transparent wings are simply so beautiful. I guess with a bit of tweaking, Kitty would look great in this. But its worth a try anyway.

There are lots of other prizes, including the MESH Library which you will be visiting at the start!
Grab your glasses and start the hunt at:

Freebiecosmos Valentine Hunt

This is a simple and straight forward hunt with 7 items to be given away and on the same sim over 2 platforms. All you need to do is to find the heart shape item.

Here are some of the gifts:

So far as Kitty is hunting around the grid, she has NEVER come across such a gift like a Low Prim Store! Yes, I bet some of you had wonder how does it feel and have the place to rez this. What are you waiting for then?

There are also a set of 3 back tattoo to look good for the special someone.

And what is this? Well, everyone has wore shoes or boots most of the time, but underneath, the feet is always being neglected. Now is your chance to grab a pair of fantastic feet which comes with a hud to customize the skin colors as well as your nail polish.

There is also a pair of friends forever ring which is rather hard to show, so I included their poster here instead.

There are also a belly button and a PhotoStudio! Yes, You did not hear wrong, its a PhotoStudio with 70 poses and more! I strongly encourage you to go and complete this hunt while it last!

Start your hunt here:

Kiss Me Mini Hunt

I came upon this mini hunt in a shop consisting of 10 items at $1L each. Let's see some of the gifts!

There is a set of tops with a variety of colors as well as black leather pants to go with it.

One of the impressive gift is this 2 prim heart rose rug which has a complete menu with 72 menu items build in. I must say this is likely going to be a permanent furniture in my place. 

The red beans seats and the table came together as 1 gift and what else can I say? There are only 2 prims each.

The grey top does goes well with the pants and it is the perfect wear for a evening stroll along the beach.

Start your hunt at:


Kitty Revelation

And so decades will pass and Kitty continue to haunt the family whom from a reputable warlord family had declined to a poor landlord, partly because of their disability to engage in political marriage without girls in their family. Moreover, the curse of the demon cat is also simply something so horrifying that brides rather kill themselves than to be married into the family. However, one fine spring, this is going to change forever...

Despite the whole century had past, Kitty had found little friends and even though there, they come and go with various reasons. Kitty grow nail by nail every nine years and with each, her power increases. She simply got tired of using her claws and fangs to slay. In a way, we can said Kitty got more civilized and begin to dress like her former hime, in nice and beautiful clothes. Kitty then went in search for something to help her with the killing and it is no surprise she managed to find a cursed Muramasa blade which seems to be the most branded and popular blade around its time. However, that is totally another story on its own.

A century past and Kitty appears less and less to the family, but the killing continued as if it was her mission and commitment to Princess Kaguya. Kitty built a grave for her in a remote and hidden place and she even visits it every year. She often wondered if her owner had left her behind and went to heaven on her own. Or it was because her hatred was so strong, it would take a few more century to past or until the last of the family perish, which ever comes first. Kitty has no regrets. Her hatred is hers as well. 

Every few years, powerful monks and formidable samurai would be hired to attempt to exorcise or kill Kitty. She has little interest in killing these people, unless she had to and as a result she often fought without drawing her demonic blade because once a Muramasa is drawn, it must taste blood before it can return to its sheath. Kitty had to slain some of them and in a way the blade grew stronger with each kill. However, on this fine spring, it was neither a samurai or a monk who will end this, but instead an old nun. Someone from a distant past.

The nun came to the house, which sadly is far from its former glory in the castle as the family had lost lands and wealth through wars and politics. She came with almost nothing except with her staff and a urn, whom she placed with respect onto the staff of the gods before she enter the house. Kitty knew her purpose. She is just the same like those before. Kitty was not interested in a hide and seek game and appeared before her in the most gruesome form she could conjure.

"Leave if you value your life, old nun. Your blood is not worthy of my blade!" Kitty hisses at her.

"Aha... A nine tailed Bekeneko... Interesting..." She just smile and spoke softly but firmly. "I see you had gotten all your nine lives and even a demonic Muramasa blade... So the legends are true..."

"Well, then leave. I do not want to dirty my sword with your blood because once I draw it, it must taste blood before I could sheath it again." Kitty turned to leave, but the nun stopped her holding her staff firmly in front of her.

Needless to say, a fierce battle ensures and Kitty draw the blood hunger Muramusa blade and everything happen so fast that only flashes of lights and crashing of weapons can be heard. The candle by the hallway was cut out by the blade winds and all that remains is darkness, with Kitty and the nun standing back against each other. Kitty held the Katana and slowly slides it back into its sheath as the blood barely drips and get sucked into the sword as if the very sword is drinking it up. A loud thug can be heard as the nun falls to the wooden floorboard, she choked on a mouthful of blood.

"Kitty... I hope I will be the last of this family you will ever take with you..." The nun spoke softly as she turn her head towards the Bakeneko. Kitty turned around and suddenly she remember who the nun was...


Petit Chat's Rage

There is a group call Divinas in the Petit Chat Main Store which is giving away a very nice black outfit with gloves and a necklace included. In fact there is even a pair of purplish eyes that comes with it as shown in the poster.

The outfit comes nicely from panty and bra to the full outfit.

Kitty looks good in black. Always and this is no exception, especially the nice pair of gloves on her hand.

I guess the only thing you need to get for this is a pair of boots, which I had not included in these photos so as not to mislead you. In any other expects, its a very beautiful outfit and I strongly suggest you join the group and get this gift. Well, actually to be honest, I am not too sure what's the group about since its not in English, so unless Trinity is not happy about promoting the group here... I strongly suggest you grab this wonderful gift!

Join the group and grab your gift from Petit Chat:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.