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Toxic Shrooms Hunt

I came across this little hunt inside a store and I decided maybe I should give it a go at $1L each for all 20 prizes. I can tell you I can't stand how cute the mushrooms are.

The nice blueish eyes and the cool Headz headphones are prizes from this hunt. Well, don't ask me how Kitty uses this headphone.

From head to toe, the tops and boxers to the boots are prizes at $1L each.

For those who love Gothic, there are lips and eyes shadows for really looking dark and black to fix your Gothic preferences.

There is a skateboard, a broom and even a Ouija board, but the skates really looks cool for this outfit. And a nice waist band totally fit into this outfit. In fact I am going to save this outfit for other times.

One of the prizes is this cute little wing with a heart (in several colors) and Kitty simply love the black round wings on it.

There are 2 huggies for this hunt and one of them is this bunny. By the way, the coker is also a prize.

The other is a cute owl with a pair of ears to go with it.

I did mentioned a broom and here it is. Its great for the next Halloween.

And the best for the last is this cute bikini which comes in 5 colors. Kitty hasn't been to beach much, so I guess she deserve a day off enjoying the sun!

Start your hunt at:

Read more about the hunt from their blog:

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