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Madpea Room 326 Hunt

Madpea had always organize challenging and nice hunts. This is probably my second or third hunt with them and the theme is a horror haunted room in a hotel. This is the Room 326 Hunt! Be prepared to be spooked!

The hunt has an official webpagge showcasing the prizes and so I shall not have to repeat too much. Quite an amount of the gifts turns out to be creepy furnitures such as this haunted table where there are 4 dead poses and plenty of blood on the floor. Unfortunately again, I have prim limitation. :(

Putting the faced tattoos and outfit together, I gave Kitty a bloody mess on her tshirt and a certainly ghastly face paint which will make any guy turn their head. Its quite unfortunate that Halloween is over, but I guess this is still a great scare for anyone anything or a shooting of "Return of the SL Dead", whichever comes first.

There are some pretty nice clothes as well though such as this chinese looking red dress. The tight fitting and beautiful texture makes this a great dress anytime.

Among other things, there are gruesome tattoo as well as strange looking shirt such as this "Do not Disturb" tanks, but I seriously do not think anyone will take it seriously. Kitty also tried out a burned tongue, but apparently she did not like it as it damages her lipsticks. The tatoo on the neck as a "326" on it. Someone might actually think its a cell number or something if they did not know about the hunt.

Enough said, see the prizes and how to hunt on the official blog:

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