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Kitty's Rebirth

Kitty was not born the way she is. Well, what is she actually. Kitty is a nine tailed cat demon from a far away land of the rising sun. Like other cats, Kitty was born a healthy kitten in a family of warlord in the ancient land. She has immediately loved and taken into care by the young hime and it is with her that Kitty spend her mortal life with.

Princess Kaguya was her owner. From being a child until the day she was designated to be married to another warrior clan family. It was a political marriage, but Princess Kaguya did love the young warrior prince of the other clan. Their marriage would strengthen the families ties. Kitty was promised to go along with her beloved Princess, but on the fateful day of the marriage, it was also Kitty's ninth birthday.

On the long journey to her new home, the Princess were ambushed by mysterious warriors from a clan of a different fraction. The followers were all slaughtered in cold blood and as they attacked her Princess, Kitty put up a fight and bite hard into their leader's hand as he tried to grab the Princess. Alas it was in vain. They eventually caught the Princess and the leader grab Kitty by her tail swinging her up in the air.

"Die, you filthy little beast!" He slides his Katana at Kitty, but she manage to break free just in time, but the end of her tail were mercilessly slided off. As she bleeds hard, she managed to grab her foot hold on the edge of a old abandon well nearby. The samurai ignored her and begin to tied a while silk over the Princess's soft neck as she scream and struggle. 

"Make sure it looks like she hang herself and get rid of all the bodies!" As they mounted on their horses, leaving the poor Princess swinging from a tree, as she held tight to the silk around her neck, choking. The leader took a last look at her, then gave Kitty a hard sudden kick, sending her falling back into the deep well below.

Kitty struggled hard, her claw tears furiously against the wall of the well as her body begins to sink in the filthy water trapped there for ages. She meow with all her strength calling to the Princess, as she shadows swing harder and harder against the top of the well. Kitty's claws almost tears right out from her paw as she grab onto a tiny crack on the wall, holding her body above water , but her tails slowly bled into the water.

Kitty would had screamed if she could, as she witness her beloved Princess slowly stop swinging by the shadows casted onto the well. She felt her sorrow, but more of her hatred of the untimely death she was deal with. Kitty could even visualize her Princess slowly loosening her hands on the silk as she drew her last breath. Very soon, its just her and the cold wind, blowing onto her owner's lifeless body.

Kitty cried loudly. It was only moments ago where she is happily accompanying her owner to their new home, but now everything is destroyed. Kitty lost all hope. Nobody will even find her beloved Princess soon, let alone rescue a drowning cat from an ancient well. She felt her owner's extreme anger and sorrow as her life slipped away. 

Kitty slowly closes her eyes as her vision begins to blurred with her tears and blood. She even imagine her hime's hand softly stroking her on her neck as she lies down onto her lap normally in the afternoon. Kitty remembered times when her Princess would bring her to pray as she reads from the scrolls and Kitty sat paying attention to her mistress. 

"I will avenge you Princess! Even if its damnation I would face.." Kitty said to herself, reciting the words she remembered from the scrolls as she slowly let go of her claw from the wall. It would only be a matter of time, but right now she has chosen to exchange her life, to fulfill Princess Kagoyu's revenge.

"Life is all but a blink of an eye, as the flower falls to the Earth of its final rest. In all ends, there is a new beginning and in all death, there is a new life..."

Kitty drew her last breath as her cold body begins to sink into the dark cold water below.

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